All Press Releases for February 25, 2016

Introducing the Latest Development in Artificial Intelligence: Affordability

New Discovery Creates a Robust A.I. at a Fraction of the Cost of Conventional Intelligent Systems.

"Affinitomics(TM) is 'Affordable Intelligence.' Previously only the largest companies have had the money to implement expensive A.I. solutions. With Affinitomics we make A.I. available market-wide.

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, February 25, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Prefrent(TM) Inc. announces the release of Affinitomics(TM) - an innovation that enables data to self-organize - essentially making the internet "smarter".

According to Prefrent, Affinitomics makes information aware of its surroundings, use and context. The company claims that the technology is an evolutionary leap, which enables the web to become self-organizing, intrinsically relevant, faster, and more secure. Companies using Affinitomics will discover faster, more efficient ways to achieve results, and new ways to generate revenue and save money. Companies utilizing alternative A.I. solutions can use Affinitomics to make those solutions more accessible and expand their use.

"Conventional A.I. systems are expensive and time consuming, and typically they are 'point solutions' that work for specific jobs. Affinitomics, on the other hand, is an effective A.I. layer that is easy to deploy, inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it can be applied nearly anywhere on nearly any type of system," states Rob Hust, Prefrent CEO and Co-Founder.

The technology at the core of Affinitomics is the dimensionalization of tags and categories. Affinitomics breaks down "flat" features or "bags of words" into three dimensions:

1. Descriptors, 2. Draws, and 3. Distances. In addition, Draws and Distances are given amplitude -5 to +5, further instilling polarity. In essence, Affinitomics is the science of making information aware of its context so that it autonomously attracts similar elements and repels dissimilar elements.

"We call Affinitomics 'Affordable Intelligence(TM)' for a reason," states Martin Fortier, Prefrent CMO and Co-Founder. "For years well capitalized companies have had the advantage of implementing expensive A.I. solutions. With Affinitomics we hope to make A.I. available market wide. With licenses starting at $19.95 per month, a wide range of users will be able to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence," Fortier continued.

Prefrent currently markets Affinitomics as a SaaS product as well as an enterprise solution. Accessible via an API, this provides software developers the perfect means to start any project immediately. Designed to be easy to integrate and utilize, the software features a ReST-based API and utilizes JSON objects - making it the ideal solution for the independent developer as well as the burgeoning enterprise. For the CMS market, Affinitomics is marketed under the moniker ai-mojo(TM) and is currently available for WordPress as a WP plug-in.

Prefrent is currently integrating and testing Affinitomics with several enterprise clients in the healthcare, finance, social networking, and legal industries. The I.P. behind the technology is patent pending and the company expects broad patent awards.

Affinitomics is the first product offering from Prefrent - a company dedicated to discovering new and efficient ways to store and analyze data, to make the Internet faster and more secure, and to increase the performance of websites and Internet infrastructure in general. Prefrent believes its discoveries will impact Cloud/Hard Software, SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) markets.

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