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Lamp Post Electrical Set For Consumer Unit Safety Targets

With any quality electrical wholesaler, there is a duty to only offer items which are of the highest standard, especially in terms of safety. Consumer units are one product which comes under close scrutiny in terms of safety prior to their sale.

    KENT, ENGLAND, October 21, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Lamp Post Electrical has a duty as a supplier of high quality electrical equipment to take good care of the safety aspect of the goods that they sell and a great deal of work is put into making sure that the products that they sell meet not only the rules and regulations put in place by the Government run ruling bodies but also consider the efforts of their suppliers to exceed those limits. The result is that Lamp Post has an excellent portfolio of all the latest equipment in the electrical market place.

Lamp Post realises that safety not only relates to the rules and regulations applicable, but also to keeping the equipment that is sold safe and sound so that it cannot be tampered with by the inquisitive or turned on by accident. There are an incredible number of accidents that have occurred from such behaviour and whilst earth leakage is a major fault that has been tackled by the use of Residual Current Devices (RCD) circuit breakers, there is always a danger when circuits that should be dead are suddenly switched on. Lamp Post also knows that whilst the 17th edition consumer units are becoming more common there are still many units, which have no RCD protection.

There are many safety units but one of the latest that Lamp Post consider invaluable to the electrical engineer is the Kewtech Kewlok Combination Lock Off Device. This is a simple device that is really invaluable when working on a single electrical circuit. The device is used to lock off individual mini circuit breakers by fitting the lock over the switch arm when switched off and locking it in position. The lock is a simple combination lock with a number that can be programmed by the user for easy memory for the user but difficult for the inquisitive. This enables circuit to be worked on safely in the full knowledge that nobody can switch it back on. On completion of the work the lock can be simply removed by means of selecting the correct combination number and removing the lock. It will in due course become a regulation that circuits are always locked off when electrical engineers are working on them but until that time safe working practice will give a great deal of peace of mind.

Lamp Post Electrical provide a full range of protected consumer units, which have various systems of locking devices to ensure that the integrity of the consumer unit is maintained and that no unauthorised work can be carried out. The locking systems range from a padlock and key to a combination lock and from a standard key lock box. These systems can lock off part or all of the electrical system. This will stop anybody taking advantage of a nearby supply to link in a new circuit without the full implications being assessed and permission being obtained. Unfortunately in many businesses there are unrecorded and unwanted electrical circuits fitted that seemed a good idea at the time but are now unknown. Lamp Post have a full range of consumer units that can all be seen on their latest website.

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