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Life is Too Short to Waste it on Finding Parking Slots! PARKRES is Here to Help

PARKRES - First Patented Decentralized Parking Reservation System

PARKRES - First Patented Decentralized Parking Reservation System. Be a part of this innovation at

    TORONTO, ON, June 23, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ --

Facing the No Parking Menace:

Urban cities are congested, over-populated and bursting with vehicles. There are million cars on roads no matter which time of the day it is. We are dealing with what can be termed as the new-age No Parking! Menace.

Why is it a Problem?

Finding a decent parking space for your vehicle is becoming more difficult everyday especially in metropolis and urban cities. City centers or downtown, shopping arenas or commercial complexes, the available parking space has proven to be insufficient. Streets are becoming congested as expanding urban population competes for a reliable parking space everyday and though there are number of parking systems in practice but none has been proven to be an effective solution.

How Does No Parking! Menace Affect People?

Working people leave houses early to find free parking spaces at offices and sometimes people have to come out of office in between their shifts to re-park their cars in next cheaply available splot. You are driving out less with friends and family to happening spots in your city because parking issue is a major bottleneck to your perfect evening plan otherwise. Sometimes car owners park at undesignated parking spaces and end up paying the huge fines. Other times they park at unsecure areas and provide miscreants an opportunity to steal the vehicle.

Is there any Reliable Solution?

Smart cities are already looking to counter parking issues to enhance quality of life for their citizens and save time. Off-street parking often suggested as a long term resolve isn't the perfect solution because not only is it very costly but also consumes space that could otherwise be utilized for a better purpose. Exorbitantly charged parking spaces could also be not inferred as a consumer friendly option. Parkres would provide a cheaper and affordable parking ecosystem.

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So, how to control the increasing parking menace?

The answer is in adopting a decentralized parking reservation system with digitally pre booked demand based parking slots and it being way cheaper than any existing solution by ensuring maximum capacity utilization for end owners of parking spaces. Sensor based parking slots, digital pre booking of parking slots through your work terminals or mobile phones, data driven insights to ensure uniform and maximum capacity utilization as well as complete assurance of finding a parking everytime anyone needs are some of the attractions for us to solve this global menace. That's also the reason why we, at Parkers, daily come to work!

How can Parkres Help?

Parkres is a revolutionary decentralized parking reservation system introduced by a Toronto-based Fintech startup - CryptoKart Inc. The system allows vehicle owners to find and reserve any parking spot regardless of which time of the day it is.

Parkres is a one-stop parking solution that makes parking bookings much easier and quicker by leveraging blockchain process optimisations. Users can pre book parking spots after paying from their mobile wallets and payments can be made in FIAT currencies such as AUD or USD or in cryptocurrencies including Ethereum or Bitcoin, etc. Another payment option is through the dedicated Parkers tokens (PARK) with some awesome cash benefits for loyal users.

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We have recently launched Parkres ITO globally.

With Parkres users can get real time traffic updates and manage routes efficiently as per app suggested parking areas. Furthermore, it also offers users an option to earn as well by registering their parking space with Parkres and/or managing parking bookings. Yeah, think of that "like an AIRBNB" for your unused parking space!

The system involves using a combination of IoT ( sensors and green-field appliances ) and transparently open global ledger for recording and mapping data so that users can identify primary parking lots in urban cities.

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Parkres is an operating name of CryptoKart Inc. registered in Toronto, Canada. PARKRES aim to create an ecosystem of proprietary parking facility assets over a hybrid digital token PRS, which will be used to execute Parking transactions. The blockchain-based smart contract will be a perfect match with the Internet of things Ecosystem to build this. We are going to innovate the parking industry by using the Ethereum blockchain.

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