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LMC Interactive Services Claims Being an Example is Key to Business Success

Brisbane-based direct marketing experts LMC Interactive Services are an ambitious company with big goals. The firm believes that being an example is key to becoming a business success.

    BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA, June 03, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- At LMC Interactive Services they are first and foremost a sales and direct marketing firm, however they are extremely dedicated to nurturing the self-employed contractors they work with. They invest a tremendous amount of time and energy into educating them in all aspects of their business, and preparing them for success in the business world. LMC Interactive Services promotes the importance of being an example, and how the success of the company rests on everyone's shoulders, not just the managing director's.

About LMC Interactive Services:

LMC Interactive Services has implemented three core principles into their business model which they expect every professional at the company to adhere to:

1) Being an example

LMC Interactive Services believe that being an example is the key component for business success. Business is effectively leadership, and to be a good leader, it requires someone to lead by example. To get people to want to follow, and work hard for someone, they need to see them as a good example and something they want to replicate.

2) Having standards

Standards are the benchmark for which people need to measure themselves against. At LMC Interactive Services they have big goals and they want to become a market leader in their field. In order to this it requires having standards and having a regular goal to work towards.

3) Helping people to reach their full potential

While the firm promotes a competitive environment, they also believe in helping others, and so they invest a lot of time and effort to help their self-employed contractors reach their full potential. Elevating others to success is the true sign of a successful person and firm.

"At LMC Interactive Services we are very much a 'show me' rather than a 'tell me' business. I wouldn't want to ask someone to do something that I, myself hadn't done. I want to lead by example and I think that is paramount for building a good business and a group of strong professionals," said Managing Director at LMC Interactive Services, Cathal O'Malley.

LMC Interactive Services dynamic, cost-effective direct marketing services are delivered throughout Brisbane. The firm's specialised sales and marketing campaigns are developed and tested using data that the firm has collected and this allows them to always generate the best results. LMC Interactive Services are committed to the development of the people they work with, and they regularly host voluntary educational and motivational workshops and seminars to help the firm's associates expand their skills set and improve both their personal and professional development.

LMC Interactive Services deliver personalised marketing campaigns. For more information Follow @lmcinteractive on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.

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