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Make Money Playing Video Games, Is Here To Show You How

Exciting news of the launch of which is here to educate the masses on how to make money by playing video games. Find out which video games that can be bet on, and places that allow video game betting for cash.

    TALLAHASSEE, FL, June 16, 2010 /24-7PressRelease/ -- A recent announcement has unveiled a brand new website by gamers, for gamers, but also by bettors and for bettors. has recently launched to show both gamers and gamblers the how and where of video game betting. The entire affair has been simplified by this new web portal, as players can find both information on how to engage in this form of betting as well as where it may take place.

The new web portal,, has shown gamers and gamblers alike that skill based gaming is not an impossibility. While some may tout poker as one of the few games of skill upon which to gamble, video game betting has completely blown this thought process out of the water. Due to the fact that all video games are essentially based on skill, talented players have begun to sidle up to their television to play the same games that they love with a risk of cash. With a wide range of games and several sites offering Betting On Video Games, the options are almost limitless. has first decided to show players how this form of betting may take place. They have picked apart each facet of video game betting and explained the prospect in easy English. has showed the format of play, some of the general rules regarding the games, and even how this form of gaming remains safe, secure, and fun above all else. Their extensive explanation of how to wager on video games is perhaps the most clear cut diagram of how to do so on the Internet.

In addition to the how, has also explained the proverbial what. On their site prospective players would also have the information surrounding what games and consoles are available. Due to the wide range of games and the different gaming consoles available, some confusion was initially experienced by some players. has highlighted the fact that almost every genre of games is covered by almost every gaming system available. Even PC games had been covered by this new site, but it's primarily devoted to PlayStation 3 betting, and betting on Xbox 360.

Not only are the consoles available explained, but also each major game that can be bet such as Betting on Madden 2010, and Madden 2011 Betting. It is important to note that it just isn't sports games available to bet on as there are plenty of other games to bet on such as first person shooters, racing games, and more. Modern Warfare 2 Betting and Betting on Halo 3 also bring a lot of gamers to the table willing to wager. has also gone as far as to explain some of the miscellaneous information surrounding the industry of video game betting. A small database of knowledge pertaining to the more technical aspects of this whole affair is also found through this new site. It has been made a point to cover video game betting deposit methods most commonly found through this form of gambling site, as well as the withdrawal options. The legalities of the whole affair have also been listed in a brief video games betting FAQ section, which has explained some of the bigger problems that many experience with this form of gambling.

In a nutshell, this new site has aimed to explain the most important features of this entire industry of betting on video games. Direct links are soon to be offered straight into the best video game betting sites, offering instant access to the wagering available. is also growing on a daily basis, all with the intent of becoming the most significant website surrounding this clandestine new industry.

BettingOnVideoGames is dedicated to helping everyday people learn about and bet on video games they may play. They hope to make it easy for anyone interested in wagering on video games.

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