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MAP Laboratory Offers Quick Splint For Dental Offices

Dr. Mayoor Patel and Hector Rico provide the Quick Splint for dentists' use in their offices for improved treatment of patients.

Dr. Mayoor Patel and Hector Rico provide the Quick Splint for dentists' use in their offices for improved treatment of patients.

    BUFORD, GA, July 19, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- MAP Laboratory is proud to be a distributor of the QuickSplint. What does this mean for dentists? It means that MAP Laboratory can easily help dentists address, manage and improve acute symptoms while a more definitive long-term solution is developed and delivered. Dr. Mayoor Patel and Hector Rico encourage dentists to take advantage of the availability of the QuickSplint to ensure that their patients receive care immediately, rather than waiting for finalized treatment to be provided.

With QuickSplint, dentists are able to create custom-made transitional devices in their own dental office in only minutes. The QuickSplint can also be used for patients with new dental restorations by preventing excess grinding that could damage the results of the procedure or cause an increase in pain.

"When it comes to proper treatment, the creation of a custom appliance can take some time to complete, which often leaves a patient without treatment during that period of time. With the QuickSplint, you can successfully begin your patient's treatment without the final product. In a way, the QuickSplint is a stepping stone to the final appliance and I highly recommend having this in your practice for superior results," said Dr. Mayoor Patel.

By providing QuickSplint in a dental office, it allows patients to receive treatment immediately. QuickSplint is available to be worn on an interim basis while bridging the gap between no treatment and the most appropriate treatment-a custom-fit full occlusal long-term oral appliance. The availability of QuickSplint allows you to provide your patients with immediate relief, while also demonstrating the efficacy or oral therapy. With the ability to offer same-day treatment with QuickSplint, dentists are opening the door to immediate benefit for both the office and the patient.

For more information on QuickSplint, dentists are encouraged to visit Through MAP Laboratory's educational website, dentists can better understand the availability and the importance of QuickSplint within the dental office.

About MAP Laboratory: Dr. Mayoor Patel and Hector Rico created MAP Laboratory as a combined effort to help dentists provide advanced dental health care treatments. Focusing on TMJ disorders, craniofacial pain and sleep apnea, Dr. Patel and Hector Rico work together to provide dentists with the appropriate appliances in treatment for their patients. Dr. Mayoor Patel brings over 15 years of experience in the dental field, providing superior care for patients with TMJ disorders, craniofacial pain and sleep apnea, while Hector Rico brings 25 years of experience in laboratory services. MAP-LAB is available to aid dentists in the diagnosis and treatment of advanced dental complications so that their patients can live pain free and have a better night's sleep.

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