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Mark Elie Klein, a Belgian Business Man Gives his Opinion on the Recent Altercation between the United States and Russia

    BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, April 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The two presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald TRUMP can not be judged negatively. We must all be aware that these two great powers can guarantee peace in the world.

The US intervention in Syria on April 6 is also a warning to North Korea over its nuclear projects and its "deaf ear" policy on various nuclear tests contrary to international conventions. In this regard, President Barack Obama was not able to react to the provocation of North Korea which he had nevertheless warned. Donald TRUMP declared on 7 April 2017 that he was ready to intervene in North Korea without the support of anybody.

We can see the result of the Americans who "cleared" Saddam HUSSEIN and France having done the same for Muammar KADHAFI who were the guarantors of peace in the Middle East. Today we can only see the disaster.

President Putin alone took the initiative to support Bashar al-Assad for eradicating DAECH's terrorists. Although European policies have criticized President Putin, the people are extremely pleased to have a protector of Europe. The Europeans and the United States under the presidency of Barack Obama were all powerless; Which led to massive immigration to Europe and all the problems of terrorism, housing and clandestinity.

Donald TRUMP is also right to want to "get out" of NATO as the European people demand. An international organization guaranteeing peace in the world should be created under the leadership of the two great powers, the United States and Russia.

The security of Europe must be entrusted to President POUTINE, whose territory represents 40% of Europe, obviously associating the United Kingdom and France. The European people do not always accept the political decisions taken in Europe and in particular by France against PUTIN'S Russia and the US of TRUMP. We must not forget that the United States and Russia saved Europe from the Nazis.

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