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Meet Xl i CON, A Unique Way to Connect to iPhone Accessories

CES Innovative Awards 2016 Winner Launches Xl i CON Accessory Line on Indiegogo.

With Xl.i.CON, there is no need to 'plug' anything to your iPhone. You can access your data, charge your phone, or even listen to music simply through magnetic port in the back of the Xl Case.

    SEOUL, KOREA, December 08, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- BenchSoft, a smartphone accessories company dedicated to studying and developing accessories that provide a touch of humanity, creativity, and fun has launched a new Indiegogo campaign to introduce Xl.i.CON, the first line of iPhone accessories to connect via X Link Technology. This line of iPhone and PC accessories includes Xl Flash Memory, which was selected for the CES 2016 Innovation Award.'

Xl Flash Memory is a button sized USB drive that unlike other smartphone USBs, does not jut awkwardly from the charging port but rather fits directly into the back of the iPhone case. Available in various storage options, Xl Flash Memory can increase the iPhone's storage capabilities by up to 64GB. Connecting seamlessly and intuitively between the iPhone and PC or Mac, the transfer of data is simplified. Data transfer speeds are the fastest on the market at 5Gbps (625MB/s). With multiple Xl Flash Memory Drives, the iPhone's storage space potentially has no limits and Xl Flash Memory supports all file types including pictures, movies and music. A compatible application enables access to all of these files directly from the iPhone. Xl Flash Memory was selected as a CES 2016 honoree in the computer accessories category.

Xl Flash Memory, along with all other accessories in the Xl.i.CON iPhone accessory line, connects through X-Link Technology. X Link Technology connects via a magnetic port in the back of the iPhone Xl case. Connecting via X Link Technology solves the problem of having to occupy the lightning port whenever connecting to a smartphone accessory, thereby allowing simultaneous charging and accessory use. Not just Xl Flash Memory, Benchsoft has developed an entire line of accessories that can connect via X Link Technology.

Xl Dock is the only dock on the market that allows for simultaneous 2X charge and sync. Once inserted into the Xl Case, simply place the iPhone on top of Xl Dock and charging will begin immediately. Syncing with iTunes and the Photos app can be done simultaneously without sacrificing 2X charging speed. Xl Dock also can act as a portable battery allowing for wireless 2X charging on-the-go without any additional cables. Equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Xl Dock also connects the iPhone to the Xl.i.CON app, which monitors battery life, toggles charging modes and has an anti-loss function.

Xl Earbuds are truly digital headphones that contain an internal 24bit/192 KHz Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and amplifier, allowing for bypass of the iPhone's clunkier DAC. This allows for much higher-fidelity sound. Xl Earbuds also contain an imbedded microphone, making it capable of receiving phone calls.

The Xl.i.CON line of iPhone accessories will only continue to grow thereby overcoming the iPhone's single port limitations. In creating an alternative connection option, Benchsoft aims to increase the functionality of iPhones by creating an entire Xl.i.CON iPhone accessories line.

BenchSoft partnered with KSEED, a crowdfunding intermediary services agency that specializes in creating and marketing campaigns for startups.

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