All Press Releases for October 21, 2017

New Bar Preparation and Law School Tutoring Introduced for Today's Student and In Today's Environment

Do Current Law Students Need: Remedial Study; and Different External Bar Preparation? The short answers are: it depends; and probably. Why? Because, students, circumstances, and bar results have changed in the last decade.

    SAN DIEGO, CA, October 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The Southern California College of Law has just introduced two new systems for learning and mastering both law school and state bar examinations under the trade name Side-Bar.

Traditionally, because of the general difficulty of state bar exams, a majority of law school graduates have chosen to take some form of preparation course. In the past decade, law school enrollment has been on a steady decline. As a result, many law schools have lowered entrance requirements.

In addition, it has been observed in recent years that students are struggling with the art of approaching, analyzing, and writing law school essay exams. As a result, law schools, in some instances, have lowered academic standards for passing their essay examinations.

The effect has been that bar pass rates have been trending downward for the last several years in many states. The cause of downtrend has been traced to the essay portion of the bar exams. The problem has grown to such proportions that in California a coalition of law school deans have petitioned the state bar to lower the pass cut line dramatically. Currently, it does not look as though California or other states are willing to lower their licensing standards.

This merging of events has demonstrated a need for remedial law school tutoring, but most importantly better bar preparation courses which stand on their own, separate from the law school academic work. Side-Bar has just introduced both a remedial law school program and a bar examination preparation program based upon new principals never before offered to the law student to solve these new issues confronting them.

Each of the programs are separate, very affordable, and all inclusive. They are 100% on-line, self-paced, and contain no lectures to attend or listen to.

The programs include brand new methods for easily learning and retaining the law, while teaching new methods of how to master: writing essay exams; performance exams; and the MBE multiple choice questions, including tips never before released.

Included with the affordability is an "ambassador program" where the student can earn cash for referrals. In addition, these are the only courses on the market which offer a 100% unconditional refund for first time purchasers.

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The Side-Bar System was created by the Southern California College of Law (SCCL) over the last 8 years to address and provide solutions to the specific issues and problems encountered by law students, in law school, and also provide the most unique and comprehensive bar review course giving students the necessary tools to pass the bar exam.

We felt that it was time to break the mystic of how "difficult" law school and passing the bar exam is. Of course law school (and passing the bar exam) are not easy, however it is not nearly as difficult as it has recently been touted to be. In fact, the original law degree, giving authority to take the bar exam, began and was for many years a Bachelor degree called an L.L.B. It was not until the 1960's and 70's in which the majority of universities converted the L.L.B. degree into a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.

Simply, if a student is given the proper tools and a proper system to apply those tools, law school becomes much less difficult than the methods of teaching used in law schools today and the bar exam becomes just another exam. Thus, what SCCL is now presenting to the law school student and the graduate waiting to take the bar exam, has never been presented before!

More specifically, the Side-Bar System consists of two parts (each independent of the other). The first is Side-Bar for law students which consists of providing a system for students to efficiently exceed in law school. The second is Side-Bar for bar exam takers, which is a system for acing the Bar exam.

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