All Press Releases for November 16, 2004

New Environmental Innovation Targeting Global Warming through Reducing Refrigerant Emissions.-------

New device aimed at drastically reducing Refrigerant emissions from Home, commercial and Auto cooling sytems is in the works.

    / - Tulsa- November 15, 2004 -- Today, Eddie Woods announced information on a Patent-Pending Technology aimed at reducing refrigerant emissions and lowering energy consumption in cooling systems. The Technology known as "Quality and Efficiency Assurance"(QEA)is the result of a coordinated effort between Woods and Instructors at Oklahoma State University. QEA will be displayed at the 2005 ASHRAE sponsored EXPO in Orlando, Florida. This device will forever change the way air conditioners are installed. With this device we can expect to see a drastic reduction in refrigerant emissions, as well as lowered energy consumption for millions. Reductions in emissions are expected to reach millions of pounds per month, in the U.S. alone, once the device is fully integrated. The majority of these refrigerants contain CFCs or HCFCs, which have been shown to be hazardous to the ozone, environment and people.

Eddie Woods became a Mechanical Contractor in Oklahoma at the age of 24 and started his own air conditioning company: Meeko Heating & Air. Years later, after developing and securing his new technology with the U.S. Patent office, he formed Meeko2004. This is an organization working to bring new innovation to the HVAC industry.

Today, Joe Woods of Meeko2004 said, "This device is very clever because it's easy to manufacture, yet will accomplish and verify a pressure and vacuum test prior to air conditioner installations. We have spent a great deal of time analyzing and addressing every possible scenario which could affect the Integrity of the device and its use.” "we believe that inaction is not an option, and that every emission we limit holds a promise of a better tomorrow." "In regards to Global warming, The U.S. should strive to be a leader and not a laggard." "QEA is a great measure to ensure the Integrity and Efficiency of all system installations."

Meeko2004 is currently working to expose QEA before it is unveiled in February, and hopes to soon be able to provide consumers with statistical data through trials and continued research. Research will need to be performed on air conditioners in all areas such as home, commercial, and automobiles. Any cooling system, which uses refrigerant, is a candidate. "Our Research will show a decrease in fuel and refrigerant use in automobiles as well, so research funding is imperative", Woods said.

Their currently isn't another device available which accomplishes what QEA can, and it's overall impact will greatly be known! With this device present, air conditioners are assured to be free of leaking lines and non-condensables upon installation. This means that several efficiency and environment issues are going to be addressed with one device. Non-condensables, which over-heat AC compressors and raise energy consumption, will also assuredly disappear.

The technology could also affect manufacturers of air conditioner compressors if it becomes a factor in changing the warranties on their products. Currently, manufacturers have to repair or replace many compressors that aren't properly installed. With QEA all users are required to follow proper methods if they wish to complete the installation process. Furthermore, The HVAC Industry will be isolated to those equipped and trained to perform quality work.

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Meeko2004 is an Orgainzation working to bring New Innovative Technology to the HVAC industry which will drastically Redude Green House gases, and lower energy Consumption Worldwide.

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