All Press Releases for December 14, 2017

New Partnership Initiated by Shimon Sheves Cracks down on Cyber Attacks in the Financial Sector

This is a great opportunity for HolitiCyber to lead security solutions for financial institutes

    LONDON, ENGLAND, December 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The co-founder and Chairman of leading cyber-security company HolistiCyber, Shimon Sheves, has announced the formation of an important new project that it will undertake jointly with Parker Fitzgerald, a firm specializing in data security and cyber defense. The new project is intended to provide expert support for financial institutions as they address growing and constantly changing cyber threats on their data and information systems. Due to the complexity of their technological systems, their numerous interactions with third-party suppliers and the weaknesses inherent in inherited or backdated system components, banks are highly susceptible to cyber attacks. Naturally, these vulnerabilities have proven very attractive to cybercriminals, whose attacks have disrupted vital processes and seriously compromised the security of sensitive information relating to both customers and employees. With its highly skilled operatives, many of whom were trained by the Israel Defence Force (IDF), HolistiCyber is extremely well placed to help the banking sector reassess the vulnerabilities that it faces and vastly improve its cybersecurity systems.

New Expertise for a New Threat Environment

Recent breaches of data security both within and beyond the banking sector have clearly demonstrated that current standards for cyber security are inadequate to a task that is constantly becoming more difficult. The kinds of threats that cyber criminality is posing in the private sector has now reached the level of nation-state security breaches. The darknet is also playing its part by circulating the means whereby hackers can now pose very serious risks to the security of banking data. Although the directors of financial institutions are increasingly conscious of the ever-changing range of threats on their data, their own expertise lies elsewhere. They consequently need specialist help to devise and implement effective and up-to-the-minute threat-reduction solutions.

A Tailor-Made Solution for the Future

This is why the new partnership between HolistiCyber and Parker Fitzgerald represents a vital step forward for the security of financial institutions. It combines great expertise in financial regulations and strategic risk management with a proven track record in the implementation of advanced cyber-security solutions. As a result, the partnership has an unrivalled ability to offer tailor-made protection to banks and their customers.

Shimon Sheves, the chairman of HolistiCyber (and former General Director of the Israeli Prime Minister's office during the tenure of the late Yizhak Rabin), is delighted with the new venture. He believes it is pointing the way forward to a more secure future for financial organizations. Sheves is especially pleased to be working alongside Parker Fitzgerald, which has such a successful history of advising these organizations about best practice in relation to risk management. As Sheves shrewdly observes, this joint venture is a game changer for the sector; it is an unparalleled alliance that provides the greatest available expertise in cyber security with full, specialised knowledge of the banking system's specific requirements. By reviewing the particular security needs of every client while taking account of their associated investment strategy and interaction patterns, the new partnership will ensure that clients stay ahead of the threats they face. This is good news for everyone, except of course the cyber criminals.

HolistiCyber brings years of experience in both the public and private sectors. Our certified experts are cyber security veterans of the intelligence branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). They are world class experts who have served at the front-line of critical nation-state cybersecurity offensive and defensive operations.

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