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Organic Cleaner Company iGOZEN Uses Plant Based Enzyme in New Odor Eliminator

iGOZEN is preparing to launch a new plant-based enzyme odor eliminator to their lineup of organic products in 2013.

    SIERRA MADRE, CA, December 28, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- iGozen is a company that specializes in organic cleaning products including a fruit and vegetable wash, all purpose household organic cleaner and a meat and fish wash. Their new odor-eliminator products scheduled for pre-launch use a plant-based enzyme to break apart the bonds of odor-causing compounds on a molecular level. In this manner, both the odors themselves and any harmful contaminants are permanently removed. This is much different than other odor eliminators in the marketplace that only temporarily mask smells that are in the air or on surfaces.

This new product scheduled to be launched in 2013 by iGOZEN is especially useful for strong odors such as pet urine, cooking smells, skunk, diaper odors and smoke. It is especially efficient as a pet odor eliminator because it is chemical and alcohol free, making it completely safe for use near pets and babies. This new product can be sprayed into the air or directly onto surfaces to help break down the odor and remove it.

This organic product is perfectly suited for all environments including homes where air quality is of the utmost importance for the people living within, automobiles where strong smells can take over tiny spaces, boats that may come into constant contact with strong odors and commercial areas where the odor can affect the bottom line of businesses.

iGozen is launching this odor eliminator with the same goals in mind as their other products - to be safe for people, animals and the world that we all share together. This organic product uses purified water, essential oils which have been grown organically and plant-derived enzymes that make it a potent combination while still remaining completely safe for use.

About the Company:
iGOZEN is a company that is founded on the principles and practices of Zen, where people strive to live in the present moment at all times. They seek peace in every aspect of life, and this is especially important in regards to the relationship with the world around. The company aims to help people to live a healthy and balanced life with integrity, an open mind, authenticity, humility and generosity. For more information please visit

iGOZEN Simply Clean Washing Powders are effective, natural cleaning products for a healthier home. Our Everyday Cleaner will safely and effectively clean, while removing unwanted germs, bacteria and toxins. Our Food Washes will clean and purify vegetables, fruits, meat, grain and nuts by removing harmful bacteria, pesticides and waxes.

All iGOZEN products have been rigorously tested to verify the elimination of specific toxins. iGOZEN is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of e-coli and salmonella bacteria, sulfur dioxide, the most commonly used pesticides, and many other contaminants.

- We are 100% organic, made from seashells and sea salts;

- We are the only alkaline natural cleaner and food wash that neutralizes harmful acidic toxins, pesticides and bacteria. This method is safe, effective and scientifically proven to work;

- iGOZEN is a patented product with U.S Patent Registration No. 7,662,416

- We package our product with environmental stewardship at heart;

- Because we save natural resources, we are able to pass along the savings to you with affordable organic products and free shipping;

- Using iGOZEN Simply Clean, you can reduce your carbon footprint on our planet!

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