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Organic Cleaning Product Company Featured in July Conscious Box

iGOZEN, an organic cleaning company has been chosen by premiere sample distribution service, Conscious Box, to be featured in their upcoming July offerings.

    SIERRA MADRE, CA, July 17, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- iGOZEN, an organic cleaning company has been chosen by premiere sample distribution service, Conscious Box, to be featured in their upcoming July offerings.

Recognized by Conscious Box as a high standard "green" product, iGOZEN will be providing Conscious Box members with three free packs of iGOZEN's patented cleaning solution. Each individual pack will consist of a specially formulated powder that addresses three different areas: everyday cleaning, fruits & vegetables and meat & fish.

Users simply open a packet and pour the micro-fine powder into a spray bottle and fill it with water. Mix thoroughly for a few seconds to create the all-natural cleaning solution. iGOZEN is then ready to be used. A few sprays from the bottle on surfaces or food will eliminate dozens of potentially harmful bacteria and pesticides, from Salmonella to E Coli. Food is ready to eat after a quick rinse of water. The entire process is non-toxic and leaves no after taste or smell. The results, like the company's mantra, is "simply clean".

iGOZEN can also be purchase directly at the company or by visit their Facebook page at

About the Company:

iGOZEN was created to help minimize the heavy usage of commercialized artificial products. The company is aimed at tackling the ever growing toxicity that affects people everyday by raising awareness of the chemicals we use and their effect on our health, and provide a natural and healthy alternative solution that is not only better for the environment, but also more affordable.

At iGOZEN, the core belief is in striving for a more socially responsible, environmentally responsible and health conscious lifestyle, amongst not only employees and consumers, but also the community.

To that end, proceeds from the sale of iGOZEN products also help fund a public charity called the Balance 101 Foundation. The non-profit seeks to educate, train and inspire a future generation of leaders to be successful members of society. This is achieved through funding hands-on experiences like: internships, health workshops and environmental seminars.

iGOZEN Simply Clean Washing Powders are effective, natural cleaning products for a healthier home. Our Everyday Cleaner will safely and effectively clean, while removing unwanted germs, bacteria and toxins. Our Food Washes will clean and purify vegetables, fruits, meat, grain and nuts by removing harmful bacteria, pesticides and waxes.

All iGOZEN products have been rigorously tested to verify the elimination of specific toxins. iGOZEN is scientifically proven to eliminate 99.9% of e-coli and salmonella bacteria, sulfur dioxide, the most commonly used pesticides, and many other contaminants.

- We are 100% organic, made from seashells and sea salts;

- We are the only alkaline natural cleaner and food wash that neutralizes harmful acidic toxins, pesticides and bacteria. This method is safe, effective and scientifically proven to work;

- iGOZEN is a patented product with U.S Patent Registration No. 7,662,416

- We package our product with environmental stewardship at heart;

- Because we save natural resources, we are able to pass along the savings to you with affordable organic products and free shipping;

- Using iGOZEN Simply Clean, you can reduce your carbon footprint on our planet!

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