All Press Releases for February 24, 2016

Outsource Australia Offer insider Advice to Sales Newbies

Sales skills are highly sought after in every industry; however honing these skills is not always easy. Sales and marketing experts Outsource Australia have offered their insider secrets to help those new to sales hit phenomenal targets.

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 24, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Outsource Australia specialises in creating personalised quality results between their clients and consumers through face-to-face acquisitions and advertising. Working on behalf of brands from the Telecommunications, Energy, Film, Security, Health & Beauty, Promotional Markets and Charity Sector, the firm meet with consumers in person and take the time to initiate one-on-one communication. Through these interactions Outsource Australia are able to form deeper connections and gain the necessary insights to provide each customer with a highly personalised customer experience. This quality, customer centric service drives brand loyalty and by focusing on customer needs, allows the firm to substantially increase their clients' sales.

About Outsource Australia:

Outsource Australia are keen to educate young people on the importance of sales skills and believe honing these skills can lead to an incredibly lucrative future in business. Every industry requires people to sell in some form or another - whether it be selling a product or service directly to customers, selling an opportunity to investors or even selling an idea to peers during collaborative projects - the firm are adamant that having the ability to sell is the best way to get ahead in the business environment.

However, the firm understand that for many, the confidence and technique needed to thrive in sales doesn't come easy. To help those new to sales boost their success the firm have offered the following insights.

1. Make a Difference
People want to know how a certain service or product is going to make a positive impact to their lives, and it's up to a sales person to communicate this effectively. Sales people need to focus on the outcome from a buyer's perspective, rather than bombarding them with product specifications and features.

2. Slow Down
People don't like to feel rushed into buying, and often feel too pressured by sales people. By slowing down the process, and conveying information across multiple communications sales people are likely to see their sales increase.

3. Do the Research
People like to feel special, and using a 'one size fits all' sales pitch is the fastest way to kill a lead. Sales people need to personalise their communications and conduct research to ensure what they are telling their leads is relevant and of interest to them.

4. Take a Walk in the Customer's Shoes
Sales people need to review their pitches in an honest and frank way, and if it is not something they would respond to themselves, scrap it and start over. Viewing the experience from the customer's perspective will help a sales person tap into what it is customers want and form stronger connections.

Based in Melbourne, Outsource Australia is a leading provider of face-to-face sales and marketing solutions. To help young people gain sales skills and take steps towards a successful future, the firm offer their contractors the chance to take part in a unique business opportunity; through which they can access mentoring, collaborative workshops and industry wide networking events. Through this opportunity, participants are able to hone their sales skills and expand their knowledge of business and leadership, laying the foundations for potential business ownership in the future.

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