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Prompt Proofing Discusses Marketing Tips: Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Whatever your marketing methods, your small-to medium-sized business needs a definite, well-thought-out plan.

Without a plan, your marketing will be hit-and-miss at best, non-existent at worst.

    VANCOUVER, BC, June 13, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Whatever your marketing methods, your small- to medium-sized business needs a definite, well-thought-out plan. Without a plan, your marketing will be hit-and-miss at best, non-existent at worst. So sit down and decide on your marketing approach. This will depend to a large extent on your target audience - the 'ideal customer' you thought up when launching your business.

Your marketing approach can combine many different methods: social media, giveaways, updating your website regularly, sending newsletters, offering customer loyalty programs and networking - to name but a few. You may want to focus on two or three, or possibly try a little of everything. What you absolutely must do, however, is establish a plan and stick to it.

Perhaps you intend to send out a newsletter weekly. Map out your topics for a year (yes, 52 of them). Organize the layout and content of your newsletter and schedule it to go out on the same day every week - all year.

If you use social media, do it consistently - with a plan. Perhaps you have discovered the best time to get responses to your tweets. Now ensure that your tweets go out at that time every day. Choose another regular time to monitor responses and continue conversations. Post on your Facebook page daily - again many posts can be planned and written in advance.

Does your marketing plan include updating your website with regular blog posts? Decide what day they will be published; write as many as you can ahead of time and schedule them to go out as planned. Perhaps you've noticed certain topics draw more readers - make sure you cover those topics often on your blog.

If networking is one of your preferred methods, research networking opportunities provided by your local Chamber of Commerce. Select those events that offer the optimal networking opportunities and schedule them into your calendar.

Meet with business partners once or twice a year and decide on your plan - it's like doing your grocery shopping;if you've planned your week's menus, made a list and stuck with it, you'll have everything you need and no duplicate items in your pantry. Likewise, following your marketing plan will keep you on track and ensure your marketing is focused and effective.

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