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PW Registry Gives E-Mail Identities A Radical Make-OverStart-up rewrites the rules on email addresses, spam and privacy

“With .pw email, users can choose a meaningful e-mail address -- their last name, hometown, favorite school, passionate hobby, anything,”

    PW Registry Gives E-Mail Identities A Radical Make-Over

Start-up rewrites the rules on email addresses, spam and privacy

/ -- BOSTON, MA, September 30, 2004. Had it with jsmith9999 and other assembly-line email addresses? Don’t want the ISPs to lock you in? Like your privacy? Start-up PW Registry Corporation ( wants your business. To get it, the firm, which runs the .pw domain for the Pacific Island nation of Palau, has figured out an ingenious system for helping consumers and small businesses handle their email identities.

The PW way looks deceptively simple. Users choose a new email identity via any Web browser, by entering their preferred address and then adding .pw at the end. For example, they could enter “” Users are then presented with a search box where they choose what comes before the “@” sign for their email address.

“With .pw email, users can choose a meaningful e-mail address -- their last name, hometown, favorite school, passionate hobby, anything,” says Tom Barrett, CEO of PW Registry. “And with the system’s spam-control features, users control who can send them email. We are so confident that this is the last email address you’ll ever need, that we’re offering no-obligation 30-day free trials for all comers.”

Barrett says “There is a privacy epidemic on the internet and consumers are fed up.” He continues, “With leadership and support from Palau, we’ve come up with the Internet’s first and only domain extension designed to protect the privacy of individuals. It provides distinct advantages compared to .com, .net and .org-based email addresses.”

Customizable and Personalized E-Mail Addresses
PW has reserved .pw’s entire second level ( for shared use. Therefore, there are no restrictions on what a user can register as their address. A reality show devotee can choose A resident of Paris, Texas can choose the address A Smith family member can choose A small business can choose To check availability, users just need to enter an address like “” into their web browser.

Privacy and a Spam-Free Experience
Concern about spam is a significant factor for consumers choosing an Internet service provider. According to a recent survey, 23% of online households perceive their ISP as very unsuccessful at stopping spam. Because PW Registry operates the .pw top-level domain, the company can block spam closer to the operational core of the Internet. The company applies challenge-response and white-listing technology to stop spam well before it makes its way to consumer inboxes.

E-Mail Portability
Consumers and small businesses hesitate to treat e-mail addresses as permanent online identities because e-mail services are so fundamentally tied to ISPs. With .pw, users can maintain their permanent .pw email address using any ISP. They can then change providers without losing touch with friends, family, and business contacts.

How the Free Trial Period Will Work
Users will enter their desired address into their browser ending with a “.pw”. Users can be creative with addresses such as “”, “” or “”. Once the availability of the address is confirmed, they will be re-directed to a PW Reseller to reserve the free trial address. At the end of the test period, users will decide whether to keep their address or cancel.

About PW Registry Corporation
As public trustee of the .pw domain, PW Registry Corporation is responsible for protecting the public’s interest in the management and administration of the Internet's first domain extension devoted to consumer privacy. .pw works throughout the global Internet without change to the existing technical infrastructure. For more information, see

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