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Reagan Myers of ARMI Inc. Publishes Guide to Acing Your Next Network Event

Networking is a vital and highly important skill for all entrepreneurs to master, and for this reason entrepreneur and Managing Director of ARMI Inc, Reagan Myers, has shared his top tips for individuals hoping to impress at their next industry event

    NORTH LITTLE ROCK, AR, October 04, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- ARMI Inc. frequently attend industry event which provide the company with many exciting opportunities to expand their market reach and business network. Mr Myers encourages the firm's workforce to focus their efforts on building strong and diverse networks to help them on their journey to success.

About ARMI Inc.:

The Managing Director offered the following tips for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere:

1) The Handshake

"A handshake is often the first impression made on an individual so it is crucial to get it right," explained Mr Myers. He explained a good, firm handshake is typically the start of any conversation and nothing is more off-putting than a limp, lackluster handshake. ARMI Inc. have been urging their brand representatives to make sure they shake the hands of new contacts with conviction and make genuine eye contact.

2) Remember Business Cards

A business card is the perfect way to pass on information in a professional manner and it will often result in an exchange of details. "It is important to remember that you are your brand, so having a business card is crucial for aspiring entrepreneurs in any industry," explained the ARMI Inc. Managing Director. "There are many websites people can use to create low-cost business cards that will pay dividends!"

3) Perfecting the "Elevator Pitch"

In the business of sales and marketing, an elevator pitch is a term given to describe a short and persuasive sales pitch. The firm believe perfecting a genuine, persuasive sales pitch is a life skill which will assist any individuals whether they are selling a product or service, or selling themselves in a job interview or to potential investors. At ARMI Inc. representatives are taught to effectively convey relevant, important information about themselves, explaining what they do and their goals for the future, in a succinct and interesting way.

4) Build Relationships

In order to achieve ultimate success in business, any individual must be able to establish reliable and genuine relationships with others in the industry. At networking events, it is important to forge new relationships and remember to pay special attention to building on them when the networking event is over, by contacting those and suggesting potential meet ups or further discussions.

5) Quality over Quantity

ARMI Inc. recognise how tempting it can be to acquire as many contacts as possible during a limited time such as a networking event. However, the company urge professionals to focus primarily on quality over quantity. "A successful network is built on relevant, helpful and interesting connections, not a high number of random contacts," says Mr Myers. "The key is to build a diverse network of individuals who can progress your business development, fellow entrepreneurs that understand your industry and can provide insight and vice versa."

ARMI Inc. is one of North Little Rock's most exciting and ambitious sales and direct marketing firm. The company is firmly committed to revolutionizing the sales and marketing industry by providing innovative marketing solutions that will help their clients increase their customer acquisitions. The firm recognizes the vital role that networking can play in business success and they teach their employees how to master the art of networking.

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