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Renee Zawawi Releases "Smooth Operator" - The Follow-up To - "Mom" and Her Pop Anthem "Happy Hour"

Renee Zawawi takes her unique version of the classic "Smooth Operator" out for a spin to radio.

Renee Zawawi "Smooth Operator" is set to take her to an even higher level in the music industry. "New Music Weekly"

    SCRANTON, PA, April 16, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Renee Zawawi is a Pop Princess! She Wins the Best New Hot AC Artist of the Year award for 2017 and producers are excited. Renee Zawawi is a petite American Beauty Queen, who has big brown "puppy dog" eyes and a smile that can light up any room. She brings to mind classic superstars like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Throughout all the successes and accomplishments, Renee has also dealt with her share of tragedies. For most of her life she has searched for her mother, only to finally find her when it came time for her funeral.

Renee Zawawi is not just pretty; but she is also smart. During summer break while in college, she spent a great deal of time trying to find out about her late mother and even took a trip to Quebec City (where her mother lived) in order to fill in the missing pieces about her mother's life. During her time in Canada, Renee managed to learn French and expand her horizons socially. Eventually, Renee would go on to write several songs and produce her own music videos: American Girl, One Time In Italy, Mom, Papa, and her signature song "Happy Hour".

Although it wasn't an easy ride for Renee Zawawi - as she was faced with a terrible illness, Renee managed to overcome and thrive! She came out of it and returned to the studio. Soon after, Renee was rising up to an entirely new level - producing a fresh recording of 'Happy Hour' (feat. Marcus Colbert) and other all - star musicians including Renee Zawawi (Vocals), Marcus Colbert (Rapping), Tim Pierce (Guitar), Michael Parnell (Keyboard), Matt Lang (Drums), Jeff Babko, Hammond B3, Rafael Padilla (Percussion), Steve Madaio (Trumpet), and Paul Bushnell (Base). The new recording was produced by Grammy Award winner Tom Weir and arranged by Michael Parnell.

While ill, Renee's creativity had helped to turn many other singers into celebrities, including the reinventions of Taylor Swift. Renee responded to their actions of keeping her and her work a secret by releasing an incredible classic remake of the song "Smooth Operator." Renee and her stirring pop sound is no longer a secret in Hollywood. Renee's first single "Mom" reached number 1 on National Radio Hit charts and she also managed to win the Favorite Main Stream Impact Artist Award at the independent Music Network awards during its radio release.

Renee Zawawi "Smooth Operator" Single is up on iTunes

Renee Zawawi Unique Music Album "Gallery Show" is up on iTunes

Renee Zawawi takes her unique version of the classic "Smooth Operator" out for a spin to radio. It's the follow-up to "Mom" and her pop anthem "Happy Hour", both chart topping singles. The video for the new single has just been released and reveals her all-star talented backing crew. Renee Zawawi is a New York "uptown girl" born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even though she was born in the USA, she has managed to leave an international mark. This is because she grew up traveling around the world. Renee is a unique and accomplished performing artist, having earned dual visual and performing arts college degrees. She has a stellar line-up of top musicians including, Tim Pierce (Guitar, Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart), Michelle Parnell (Keyboard, Meredith Brooks, Brian Setzer), Matt Laug (Drums, Alanis Morisette, Slash), Jeff Babko (Rhodes, Hammond B3, Jimmy Kimmel, James Taylor), Rafael Padilla (Percussion, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Michael Buble), and Steve Madaio (Trumpet, Michael Damian, Harry Nilsson, Donna Summer). Renee Zawawi "Smooth Operator" is set to take her to an even higher level in the music industry.

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Renee Zawawi "Smooth Operator" Live Recording at Studio City Sound