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SA Fleet Owners are Getting Increasingly Serious about GPS Fleet Tracking

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    LONDON, ENGLAND, July 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- South Africa presents a booming fleet market today where use of fleet vehicles is estimated to shoot up to 32.5 percent in 2020 from 21.5 percent in 2015. Such a proliferating sector projects ruthless competition among fleet owners that only has place for the companies with best possible fleet management practices. Among the different fleet management functions, fleet owners are especially stressing on vehicle telematics/tracking for the robust surveillance and security it assures for the vehicles. Consequently the current telematics market is being increasingly flooded by GPS fleet tracking software system like the one from These software programs work in tandem with GPS trackers and present a detailed report to the user from the data gathered from the tracker device. According to sources, usage of fleet management systems in the country reached to 1.1 million last year and is expected to reach around 1.9 million within 2021.

There are various reasons why SA fleet owners are counting so much on GPS fleet tracking software programs.

Real Time Fleet Monitoring

It's important to stay updated about the location of the vehicles on road throughout the day to ensure they are meeting your business expectations. You can't always call up the drivers to know where they are and they might not be truthful to you always. But GPS tracking software solve the problem here by offering the fleet owner a detailed account of the location of the vehicles - that too in real time. This way, you can stay updated about the whereabouts of your fleet even when the vehicles are in other cities. Such a facility will further help you to check whether or not any of the vehicles has deviated from the expected route.

Prevents Unethical Practices Of Employees

This is one of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of GPS fleet tracking software systems in the South African fleet market. Drivers are the active agents of any fleet business - while sincere drivers can take your business to new heights, unethical employees can sink your business & reputation in no time. The GPS fleet tracking software programs are helping the fleet owners to save their reputation by pinpointing unethical employee practices on time.

First, the program will enable the fleet owner to designate certain POI or points of interests on the route to be followed by each vehicle. These POIs are mostly the pubs, restaurants, gas stations, etc. Now, if a vehicle enters any POI, you would be immediately notified about the location of the car. This way, if a driver enters a bar during business hours while your client is waiting on the road, you will get to know instantly and take the necessary action on time. When the driver gets to know that his route is under constant surveillance, he would automatically be more careful about his behavior and practices.

Moreover, the GPS tracking software programs can even offer you data on distance traveled and thus, you can get a clear picture of the actual fuel consumption. Such a facility would be handy if your driver shows you a suspiciously high fuel bill.

Responsible Driving Practices

The vehicles, the drivers as well as the customers taking the ride should be in safe conditions to assure the best reputation of your fleet business. But there are some irresponsible drivers who often indulge in rash driving, leaving you with costly damages and expensive liability payments. However, GPS fleet tracking software programs save your fleet business every such inconvenience by inducing the drivers to drive in a cautiously safe manner. These software programs are designed to inform the user about the speed limit of the tracked car. So, whenever the driver goes beyond the safety limit, his boss would get notified immediately. Consequently, if the driver knows that his speed limit is under constant monitoring, he will be bound to drive safe to save his job.

Satisfied Customers

This is one of the most crucial points why SA fleet owners are increasingly taking to GPS fleet tracking software programs. The system helps them to keep the customer updated about the exact location and route of the vehicle or shipment while he is waiting for your car. It further helps to assure complete transparency of your company and undoubtedly, people always prefer to do business with those who follow a fair practice.

So, if you too are a fleet owner, it's high time that you sign up for a reliable GPS fleet tracking software system like GPSWOX to significantly boost your business.

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