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Safety In the Workplace - Decreases Liability and Increases High Productivity

Safe Engineering is specializing in safety engineering solutions like machine guarding, fire and explosion engineering in Toronto, Ontario. We prepare Pre-Start Health and Safety Review, also called PSR/PHSR.

Safe Engineering provide a full range of consulting certification such as Risk Management, Design Integration, Pre-start Health and Safety Review, Turnkey Machine Guarding Retrofit Servicesю

    TORONTO, ON, May 17, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Who is Safe Engineering and what do we do?

Safe Engineering makes your facility Safety Compliant and productive through our unique processes. Denoting, where the human mind perceive Risk it causes slow and cautious productivity. It has been proven that the human mind can alter its work habits to increase survival when feeling unsafe. When we feel safe we work faster, at ease and function efficiently. This kind of Hidden Waste can seal the faith of your business, a successful business, or a business fit for closure. Safe Engineering Inc., is a proud Canadian Company that provides Safety and Compliance services to the manufacturing industry in the areas of Machine Guarding, Fire Code Safety, Exploding and Building Code Specialist.

Did You Know There are Special Requirement for Acquisition Specification?
When purchasing new equipments the supplier of the machines must provide proper certification for compliance, with current and applicable safety standards. The supplier (manufacturer) is responsible for all costs related with the certification of Equipment by SAFE Engineering Inc. The purchaser must requests that the supplier provide written document showing that the equipment has been approved by Safe Engineering Inc. prior to the equipment shipment.

A review of the Pre-start Health and Safety (PSR) Regulations.
PSR Legislation, the Health & Safety Act (PSR)states that employers, owners or lesses must complete or Implement the recommendations in the review so ensure the equipment is compliant to the current applicable standards before being used.

Workplace Safety Measures for the Automotive Industry.
The automotive industry is more automated that most industries. Global competition and increasing quality standards have driven innovation and automation ahead of most other manufacturers sectors. The intensity of automation demand has placed increase pressure on the automotive manufacturer to integrate efficient safety bases into their highly automated manufacturing process. Increase your Health and Safety (PSR) knowledge for your industry workplace, all that you need to know about Machine Guarding, Risk Assessment, Workplace Safety Measures, Dust Explosion Testing. Follow us on the web for all your Safety needs.

Benefits of Safety Risk Evaluation.
One of the key essentials of Compliance Audit is Risk Assessment. Hence, in a formal Pre-Start Health and Safety Review Report Risk Assessment (RA) is mandatory. The Risk Assessment is a formal and documented process that provides the basis for a compliant solution; therefore, the RA must examine the frequency of human exposure, injury severity potential, and the ability of a person to avoid hazardous motion.

How to Get your Equipment Compliant.
To bring your equipment into compliance it should always end with a Pre-Start Health and Safety Review that is without any disclaimers that the equipment meets the current applicable safety standards. This point towards technical due diligence that protects the workers and the company itself. To further the steps of technical due diligence when a purchasing new equipment, for example: the OEM must be contractually committed to supplying a compliant machine.

Testing Dust Explosion. Why would we need to do this?
A major risk for any industrial workplace is the rapid combustion of fine particles in the air, known as Combustible Material. Combustible Material is very hazardous in a confined spaced. For this reason, Dust Explosion testing poses a unique challenge for safety engineers, because to test the samples accurately the samples must be grounded an sifted to create a normalization process.

The Risks and Threats during Production - Regardless of the industry risks and threats exist; without having the correct safety engineering measurements in place, employees can be hurt and equipment damage can occur, therefore, leading to production downtime and liability that affects the company's bottom line.

Flammable Liquids at work - On a daily basis, countless industries are managing and operating with dangerous Flammable liquids; that is why it is imperative to handle and store Flammables properly in the workplace in order to circumvent engaging workers, visitors and property at risk.

If you would like to find out more about PSR/PSHR, Workplace Safety, Risk Assessments and it's benefits, Machine Guarding, Dust Explosion, please contact us.

Safe Engineering is a consummate professional in Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic safety systems, Fire Code and Explosion safety systems, Building Structures etc. Because we are professional we take the time to involve your operators, maintenance and engineering staff in the solutions development process. One of our greatest practice during the process of the Safety Systems Upgrades is to employ the knowledge of those individuals who knows the operation and the equipment best. The solution design is the basis of any successful project. Efficiency and user friendly satisfaction are guaranteed. Increase your Health and Safety (PSR) knowledge for your industry workplace, all that you need to know about Machine Guarding, Risk Assessment, Workplace Safety Measures, Dust Explosion Testing You can read on our page:

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