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San Francisco Cosmetic Dentists Treat Sleep Apnea with Custom Appliances

San Francisco cosmetic dentists at Larson Dentistry use neuromuscular dentistry knowledge to fabricate appliances that treat sleep apnea.

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 07, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Dr. Greg D. Larson gives sleep apnea patients relief with custom oral appliances.

Sleep apnea affects approximately 4 to 9 percent of middle-aged males and 2 to 4 percent of middle-aged females, according to the American College of Physicians. They estimate 80 to 90 percent of sufferers are undiagnosed. Sleep apnea sufferers stop breathing and wake choking for air.

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when a patient's airway is blocked. OSA patients stop breathing for short intervals - between a few seconds and a few minutes at a time. These intervals can strike between five and 30 times an hour. Obesity can exacerbate sleep apnea.

Central sleep apnea, less common than OSA, inhibits the brain from signaling muscles to breathe. Patients don't attempt to breathe during these periods. Both types of sleep apnea disrupt restful sleep.

Larson studied neuromuscular dentistry for the past decade, and now he teaches. He educates dentists on sleep apnea, including how to identify it in patients. Sleep apnea patients who can't tolerate the CPAP benefit from custom sleep appliances. Larson Dentistry combats sleep apnea and keeps bites in alignment with these appliances.

San Francisco cosmetic dentists at Larson Dentistry spend extra time with patients to ensure the sleep appliances are constructed in agreeable neuromuscular positions. This means the TMJ will rest comfortably, keeping the jaw aligned. A misaligned jaw can cause other problems, such as TMJ disorders. Larson makes appliances as comfortable as possible, because the more they're worn, the more effective they are.

The appliance is in two sections, allowing patients to easily speak or drink during use. The device prohibits the upper airway from collapsing and promotes natural breathing.

Larson helps patients fight sleep apnea and receive uninterrupted sleep. Some sleep apnea patients experience loud snoring, choking or gasping for air, exhaustion, depression, grouchiness, trouble with memory, and morning dry throats and headaches. Sleep apnea can cause children to wet the bed, sleep in strange positions, and act hostile or hyper.

Larson Dentistry also practices pain free dentistry with sedation options. Patients receive straighter smiles with dental braces by Invisalign.

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