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Simple Energy Works Designs and Installs a 33.8kW PV Solar Power System for Action Heating and Cooling in Crossville, Tennessee

Simple Energy Works ( designed and installed the second largest photovoltaic (PV) solar system in Cumberland County, Tennessee for Action Heating and Cooling.

    CROSSVILLE, TN, January 09, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Jerry Wood, owner and operator of Action Heating and Cooling in Crossville, Tennessee, decided to become as energy efficient as possible. Wood decided to install a Tennessee photovoltaic solar system on their warehouse that will offset over 50% of their annual electrical usage. He contracted Simple Energy Works (, a Tennessee solar company, to design and install the 33.8kW PV solar system, which features Schott 230 modules and Enphase microinverters. The PV system is the second largest system in Cumberland County, Tennessee, and it will produce over 48,000 kWh per year (depending on the weather).

Solar Funding Incentives

Simple Energy Works, owned by Randy Velker, has been installing these Tennessee PV systems in Crossville for the past few years. Velker was able to work with Wood to acquire the following solar funding for the project: 1) the USDA Reap Grant to offset twenty-five percent of the cost of the PV system, 2) the 1603 Treasury Grant to cover thirty percent of the cost of the solar system, and 3) a grant from the Tennessee Solar Institute for $2 per installed watt. Wood will also be participating in the generation partner program with Tennessee Valley Authority who will be purchasing all of the energy the solar system produces at twelve cents above the retail rate per kwh. TVA is currently paying around twenty-two cents per kwh while they charge their customers around ten cents per kwh.

Not only did the Tennessee solar system make sense economically, but it also locks in Action Heating and Cooling's electrical expenses for the life of the PV solar system. Never will a rate hike by TVA affect their electrical bills again. As TVA regularly raises the electrical rates, the installed PV system will continue to produce electricity at the original installed cost (per kwh). These photovoltaic systems have a warranty for 25 years, but in most cases will last for 40 years or more.

The Sun Provides Free & Clean Energy

The beauty of a PV solar system is that once it is installed there are no more fuel costs! As coal, natural gas and nuclear energy all become more expensive (because of rising fuel costs), the solar system continues to provide energy using only the free solar energy from the sun. Of course, the solar system is also very good for the environment, which is an added benefit. Over the 25 year warranty life of the PV solar power system, it will be offsetting 1,787,642 lbs of burned coal. This will offset approximately 144 tons of waste fly ash, 46,549 lbs of NOx-NitricOxide (which causes smog), and 126,387 lbs of SO2-SulfurDioxide (which causes acid rain).

Wood will be able to monitor the production and output of the PV system because Simple Energy Works, a Tennessee solar installer, hooked the building up to a real-time energy production interface on the Internet to allow Wood to see the complete history of how the PV solar system has produced energy all the way down to a solar module level . This makes troubleshooting easy and allows minor issues to be resolved before they become a major issue.

About Simple Energy Works

Simple Energy Works, a Tennessee solar company based in Cumberland County, works in conjunction with Zuercher Electric, a premier Electrical Contractor in the area. They have the ability to design and install any size photovoltaic solar system and have the experience and know-how to the install the solar project correctly. They are NABCEP certified as professional solar salesmen, and currently have two NABCEP certified PV solar installers.

Simple Energy Works ( designs, sells and installs photovoltaic solar systems throughout Tennessee, including the cities of Crossville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, as well as, in Cumberland County, and many other Tennessee areas. Simple Energy Works also sells custom designed solar photovoltaic kits online on a national basis to residential and commercial customers. Action Heating and Cooling also carries and installs geothermal heat pumps, which are very environmentally friendly, and extremely efficient.


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Simple Energy Works ( designs, sells and installs photovoltaic solar systems throughout Tennessee.