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Social Skills That Will Enhance Anyone's Career by Alexander Mousely

For sustainable success, Bravington Capital CEO exposes essential social skills which can advance a career to a new level in a flash.

    SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND, June 24, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- About Bravington Capital:

Likeability can be attributed to a person's ability to connect and build trust can enhance likeability dramatically. Bravington Capital are confident in their theory that likeability and success are interlinked. When a person can consciously control their social skills, they can significantly improve their overall likeability factor and in turn, can promote stronger career opportunities.

Alexander Mousely CEO of Bravington Capital reveals his top secret social skill hacks:

Smile: Smiling relaxes most of the muscles in the face and offers a relaxed appearance. By laughing and telling jokes in the right setting, a positive attitude can be contagious and create a relaxed and confident aura.

Show enthusiasm: Charisma is a characteristic of most successful people. Charisma is a mixture of a smile, enthusiasm, and energy. Another contagious trait that will make others enjoy their time spent in a charismatic characters' company. The positive influence leaves a lasting effect on the other person which they can share during their next engagement.

Put your smartphone in your pocket: By affording the other person full attention, it demonstrates respect. Smartphones are the biggest distraction for business people. Pop it away in a pocket or drawer until the end of the conversation to make the other person feel valued and their time valuable.

Give a firm handshake: It's important to find the balance between a limp and aggressive handshake to enhance a great first impression.

Call people by their name: People like to hear their name during conversations, it validates their importance. Take care to remember names, by repeating their name multiple times throughout a conversation will enhance memory for future interactions. Sharing their name with others will also help avoid uncomfortable future situations if a name can't quite be recalled.

Listen: Parents are often found saying to their children, two ears one mouth use them that way. This theory is applicable throughout life.

Don't just listen -- actively listen: there are four steps involved; hearing, interpreting, evaluating, and responding. All four stages hold equal power and should follow for maximum impact.

Know how to accept a compliment: Learn to take a compliment confidently to avoid an awkward silence positively. Thanking the other person for their contribution to the talent or achievement, or validating the compliment by sharing how it feels to receive kind words.

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