All Press Releases for March 27, 2018

SpokeHub Provides Means to Better Online Conversations

Minority-owned Tech Firm's App Enables Selected Topics and Targeted Marketing

"Everyone wants their voice to be heard," says Robert Hartsfield Jr., Chief Executive Officer.  "SpokeHub gives you that place to truly engage around the topics you are most passionate about

    DURHAM, NC, March 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Everyone who's ever wished for a social media experience that is more relevant and on-topic can now join SpokeHub, a fast-growing platform that gives users a chance to engage in meaningful conversations about the subjects they care most about.

This black-owned, Durham, North Carolina-based tech company was launched in June, 2017, and has grown exponentially since then. With the recent negative news reports regarding Facebook and Snapchat, Spokehub provides a fresh alternative. It's rapidly becoming the go-to site for users to express views safely with like-minded individuals. "Everyone wants their voice to be heard," says Robert Hartsfield Jr., the company's Chief Executive Officer. "SpokeHub gives you that place to truly engage around the topics you are most passionate about."

The platform allows users, or 'hubsters,' to weigh in on a myriad of topics with other individuals. "It's a place to talk about your passions, hear other perspectives, and find new topics that interest you," Hartsfield says.

For example, one 'hub' topic might be about "Black Panthers," while a completely different hub conversation might be about politics. SpokeHub provides a functionality called "augmented reality" ("AR") – an innovative technology that allows for a video or 3D experience to be viewed on a user's phone simply by scanning a trigger image (such as a logo or design). This will eventually enhance how consumers purchase products, how people learn new concepts and engage in social media. "The possibilities are endless for SpokeHub," Hartsfield says.

Creators of the group-based media platform wanted to give hubsters something more than the usual social media sites. By downloading SpokeHub through any Apple App or Google Play store, hubsters can zero in on those topics that interest them most. No more wading through things they couldn't care less about!

The platform allows more effective and engaging communication among hubsters around the globe while providing opportunities for businesses and celebrities to have direct access to their customers and fan bases. Rapid analytics are offered to paying users for targeted marketing.The platform was created by five Durhamites with a long history in the region.

Each of the five founders—Hartsfield, John McAdory, John York, Richard Berryman III, and Terry Johnson, has worked for some of the most well-known Durham-based startups. All of the founders are African Americans, and they believe they can inspire Durham's youth through their examples of successful entrepreneurship and technology.

The idea for the app first came to York during a local high school basketball game. He knew fans wanted to talk about a referee call they clearly didn't agree with but he realized there was no place to do so online. Many of his Facebook followers, for example, would not have been interested in a controversial basketball call. So he came up with the idea to provide a "room" or channel for people with shared interests to converse with each other. And they wouldn't have to worry about boring others.

"No social media platform provides a real-time, seamless engagement experience like SpokeHub," says Chelsea Krost, National Millennial Contributor. She says her priority as an influencer is to consistently engage with her followers and grow her online community. "Business and organizations that are succeeding on social media now," Krost says, "are the ones providing personalized social experiences with an emphasis on engaging with consumers."

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