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Superstore Printing Hails the Future of Business Cards

Superstore's innovative uses for business cards illuminate what makes the format so great.

    SAN ANTONIO, TX, October 09, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Superstore Printing wishes to announce expanded options for those in need of custom printed, wallet-sized cards. The versatile card format is now available in a wide variety of iterations, in multiple sizes, catered to countless new uses, and available under many names other than simply a "business card."

In short, Superstore Printing is announcing the next generation of business cards.

According to David Thompson, president of Superstore Printing, business cards have more uses than most people realize. "Things have progressed a long way from how business cards were passed around in the 1980s," he says. "So called 'life hacks' and DIY culture have introduced so many different kinds of people to the format, and as a printer, it's fun to see what they come up with."

However, unlike conventional business card printers, Superstore Printing eagerly adapts to the new uses, and offers special designs for each variation.

The so called "Mommy Card" is a new innovation. No one is sure exactly when the first "Mommy Card" was introduced, but the idea was out there, waiting to be named. In the early days, most likely, moms simply had austere, businesslike cards printed, and handed them out to other moms around the neighborhood in the interest of arranging play dates.

Today, Superstore Printing's specially designed mommy cards featuring mom-friendly designs, and spots for information like kids names, ages, and medical considerations, are a hot seller. Naturally, many stay-at-home dads love the format too, and some have been known to adopt the term "mommy cards" rather than changing the name!

Additionally, there is a growing trend of creating what are known as "appointment cards," another elegant idea that should have been devised earlier.

Mr. Thompson speaks excitedly about appointment cards. "These are great for someone like a hairdresser to use. When a client leaves the salon, you write their next appointment on the card, and you get a return customer."

He goes on to point out how freelancers and other kinds of professionals love the utility of a space on their card for writing future meeting times and memos. College students too can give out appointment cards to help classmates remember group study sessions, and other appointments.

Superstore Printing offers more varieties of innovative business cards, as well as other printed paper formats than any other online vendor, and has placed itself at the forefront of the printing industry. By way of an example, the availability of appointment and mommy cards in the popular "minicard" size, is a Superstore Printing exclusive. You can't find a selection like this anywhere else online!

To find out more about Superstore Printing's commitment to innovation powerful print advertising, check out their site,, email, or call for information at 1-888-995-6815.

Superstore Printing is a privately owned online printing, marketing and technology firm based in the USA. We are established as a major player in the industry, since 1964, with our distinct vision and clear approach to helping small businesses grow. We fill a large number of graphic printing orders online daily, using high-quality press printing. We have a complex, yet easy-to-use online ordering system, resulting in high-end printing services. Our affordable pricing and quality products are sure to set your business for success.

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