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The All-in Book Tour

Couple cashes in savings to fund book promotion

    KITCHENER, ON, November 02, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There are basically two reasons why people bet all of their chips in poker: either they're bluffing or they have a really good hand. Ontario residents, John and Rosemarie Guderian, are going "all in" with their American book tour because they're confident their book, "The Proverbs Management Handbook", is a winner. They've cashed in all of their Canadian government incentivised savings and purchased a truck and travel trailer for their 48-state adventure. Both will be taking five months off of their fulltime jobs in the spring and summer of 2018 to promote the book through speaking engagements, radio interviews and book signings.

"This eight-by-nineteen-foot box is where I'll have to live with this guy for half a year," Rosemarie jokes. "I really hope we get along."

"I'm taking along a small tent for whenever she wants to send me to the dog house," her husband of thirty years laughs.

John's "day job" is vice president of manufacturing of a Canadian elevator company. Many years ago, he was encouraged by one of his church elders, a successful businessman, to take management advice from King Solomon's ancient Book of Proverbs. John began reading a chapter of the book every day and using it to improve his management style. He quickly found that this 3,000-year-old text was extremely helpful.

"I found that Proverbs provides amazing guidance on a wide range of management topics," John says. "It talks about strategy, leadership, career planning, diligence, conflict management, self-improvement, communication, human resources, quality assurance, sales, marketing, purchasing, continuous improvement, day to day operations, finance and much more. It doesn't matter if you're managing a household, a volunteer organization or a multi-national corporation, I think the inspired advice in Proverbs can help you do it better."

John goes on to talk about how he began analyzing each verse of the book in the light of modern management theories. He found that the advice given in over half the book's verses could be supported by the studies of modern organizational behaviour scientists and management gurus. He tells of how he went on to compile the verses and to elaborate with modern management theories and real-life examples from his own experiences. This compilation became "The Proverbs Management Handbook: A Christian Manager's Guide to Doing Business."

"We've been thrilled with the reviews the book's been getting," John says. "I've heard from presidents of companies, middle managers, coordinators, people involved in running volunteer organizations and even pastors and church elders. Almost everyone tells me the same thing: They wish they'd read the book sooner! They think every manager should have it on their shelf. That kind of reaction is no longer surprising to me. King Solomon, the wisest, richest man who ever lived was also an extraordinary manager. Under his direction, Israel experienced its greatest period of peace and prosperity. His Book of Proverbs outlines an ethical, kind and gentle management style that resonates with a lot of people, and this approach is so effective. I feel like I have a mission to tell people about it. That's why we're going all in with this book tour. We don't expect to make a lot of money. In fact, I'll be absolutely thrilled if we break even. We just want to share Solomon's wisdom and our management experiences, and hopefully leave the world a slightly better place than we found it."

"The Proverbs Management Handbook" is available through, Createspace Direct and Ingram. It retails for $15.99. ISBN: 9781775078005. 262 pages. Softcover. Category: Category: Religion/Christian Life/Professional Growth. Contact John at to arrange an interview, book-signing or speaking engagement.

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