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The Experts at Marfic Technologies are VMware Professional Partners and Offer Information About Technological Advances Made in the Past Few Decades

Marfic Technologies specializes in Microsoft Exchange management and all IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.

    MILPITAS, CA, September 23, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There are plenty of reasons to hire Marfic Technologies, VMware professional partners, to handle your IT affairs, including Microsoft Exchange management. Marfic Technologies stays on the cutting edge of technological advances so that your business also stays up with the ever-changing times.

In just the past three decades amazing advances in technology have occurred, so much so that it boggles the mind. The following are some innovations that were considered awesome at the time they were originally released to the public but are now ridiculously antiquated, when you compare them to today's equipment.

Videotapes and audiotapes were the big thing for quite a long while. The first format in which movies were made available to bring home was videotapes. Now there are DVDs and Blu-ray discs, which will no doubt also soon be replaced and outdated, as well.

Following hefty 8-track tapes in the 70s, audiocassettes became the mode for listening to music, including on the popular Walkman. Rarely anymore can you find a car or truck dealer willing or able to install a tape cassette in your new vehicle.

Nowadays people download music to their MP3 Players which can be listened to with a headset or hooked up to loudspeakers or the audio system in your car. You don't even have to get a special player. You can download music to your cell phone.

The originals computer were so huge, it's difficult to fathom. It's important to have IT assistance to help with computer hardware, computer software, and Microsoft Exchange management. The pros at Marfic Technologies, VMware professional partners, can meet your IT needs at a budget you can afford.

Before wireless cell phones were attached to virtually everyone's hip, pagers were the primary mode of reaching someone who was away from their land line. Pagers were so very cool, and now they're so very obsolete.

Being a photographer these days couldn't be more different than just a short time ago. Gone are the days when you took pictures on your 35mm camera and got them developed in a darkroom-type setting.

With the advent of digital cameras, including cameras built into cell phones, you can snap a photo and instantly share it with anyone in the world who's technologically connected.

Marfic Technologies is a professional VMware provider with the vision of delivering highly personalized service with obsessive attention to customer satisfaction.

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