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The Great Sock Mystery Is Finally Solved: Matching Socks is No Longer a Problem with the SockDock

How many times have you done the laundry only to be completely bewildered by the fact that one of the socks from the pair you placed in the washing machine and dryer are missing?

SockDock will help save endless hours of time.

    CLAYTON, NC, March 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- According to US News and World Report, Americans spend an average of one year of their life looking for lost or misplaced items. And a recent survey found that one out of four consumers would like to be more organized. Kevin Bunn, a father of two small children and a stay-at-home entrepreneur, is one of those "guys" that helps with the household chores, especially the laundry. He became very frustrated every time he did the laundry - he would throw the dirty matched socks into the washing machine, take them out, place them in the dryer and out would come a pile of solo socks no longer paired.

After countless research and trying many different solutions, it was apparent nothing worked, and he knew there had to be a way to resolve this common problem. With a background in mechanical engineering, sales and marketing, he invented SockDock a simple and easy-to-use sock organizer designed to wash, dry and store socks from "dirty feet" to "clean and neat."

"I am very excited to launch this new product, which I am confident households across America will appreciate - especially parents with children. SockDock will help save endless hours of time. No longer will you have to search for matching socks, they will stay together in a tidy way," says Kevin Bunn. "How many hours have parents spent in the morning trying to get their kids dressed and ready for school only to be delayed looking for a sock that matches?"

The SockDock keeps your laundry room/home neater and less chaotic, but most importantly, it saves you money. Less mismatched socks mean you don't have to buy new pairs and that leads to significant savings. In addition, this new product is child safe. Great attention to detail went into the design, to make it extremely durable and child safe.

It is so easy to use, children as young as three years old can use this system. Here's how it works in just a few steps:

Step 1: Hang one empty SockDock on a doorknob or closet rod near a laundry hamper. Place dirty socks on the SockDock (secure the first pair of socks between the bottom two buckles - one pair of socks in each slot). Press the button on the buckle above the socks and slide it down to the socks. Add dirty socks daily.

Step 2: When the SockDock is full of dirty socks, remove the hanger and toss into the washer You throw 10 socks in the wash& dryer with other laundry.

Step 3: Remove the SockDock from the dryer and hang it in your closet. Socks are neatly stored and organized in the closet, eliminating the need for a sock drawer.

The SockDock is also ideal for traveling. When it's time to pack for a vacation, socks are ready to go. Hang the SockDock in your garment bag, or toss it in your suitcase.

This new laundry sock organizing system retails for $19.99 and is sold in pairs - one for clean socks and one for dirty socks. SockDock is available in a rainbow of five colors: Light Blue & Black, Red & White, Dark Blue & White, Light Blue & White and Purple & Gold. Plans for national distribution are in progress.

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