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The Iconic Luxury Hotel Grand Mencey is Renewed Every Year

The IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey is an iconic luxury accommodation on the island of Tenerife, Spain. One of the oldest running hotels in Spain, it has accommodated some of the most famous Hollywood artists as wel as political personalites.

    PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN, February 26, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ -- There are few luxury establishments still remaining on the top for years. As the time goes by, a wrong management, the destination decadence, the brand detachment, not implementing attractive alternatives which could guarantee higher occupation, few or poor investments... Whatever the reason is, some of them are opened to new and modern concepts, while others just keep out of date.

We can find an exception of this tendency in Spain, we are talking about a historical hotel: it is one of the oldest hotels in Spain, opened in 1950 and fully operational. Its history could fill almost all history books of Tenerife, in which capital, Santa Cruz, is located this amazing hotel . We are talking about Grand Mencey, which became part of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts portfolio, now called IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey.

Many people still remember its golden 60's period, but its new way of facing the future what makes it the main character of the article. Not to mention the great results of these actions. It was not easy to recover a hotel which is part of Santa Cruz de Tenerife's hotel portfolio, a cornerstone in the city's heritage and a meeting and reference point for locals and tourists. The chain that is now managing the hotel needed a great investment during the first years.

This hotel with colonial essences includes luxury suites and became much more than a luxury hotel. New facilities, renewal of the most special ones, the added value of the most characteristic spaces and most desirable corners for locals...all these factors increased the value of a building which had lost its ancient magic. A place visited by celebrities like Liz Taylor. An impressive renovation, new concepts of rest, relax, business and leisure at different spaces, interior renovation, gourmet gastronomy turned it into one of the best luxury hotels in Spain.

Spa hotel, gourmet hotel, events hotel... Grand Mencey is the image of versatility and diversity, both reflected on the spaces' design and essence. In this sense, it was created there the first culinary classroom in Tenerife with professional and top class chefs, where gastronomy, wine and gin courses are conducted every month and also several business meetings and celebrations. This culinary classroom is linked to the hotel restaurant service, independently operated in order to become a valuable element of the city.

The main restaurant is an exclusive and luxury spot, which has become one the most popular places to taste the island specialities with a touch of signature and innovative cuisine. Famous chefs cooked there and a lot of them visit it all year round, creating unique dishes and recipes to surprise all palates from experts to beginners.

Grand Mencey is not just changing its menu and cuisine every year, but also its adjacent spaces. Recently, it included an option to reactive Santa Cruz's vermouth tradition on its gastronomic offer: a vermouth place at the terrace surrounded by wonderful gardens, which made this hotel famous in the past. It offers snacks and sophisticated cocktails and vermouths every Saturday. This place has been well received by locals and tourists who visit it every week despite not staying at the hotel.

These new options and elements are exactly what make Grand Mencey an amazing historical hotel, the reference point that always was for the city. Meeting at the Grand Mencey is already a tradition. It is used for meetings, family celebrations, vip social events. In fact, the hotel hosted Carlos Herrera's famous radio show that officially opens Carnival 2016 in Tenerife just a few weeks ago. Some months ago, a mass tourism meeting took place in the hotel meeting rooms to talk about the Spanish present and future main economic engine. It also hosts periodic events as the Fashion Room, which brings together the island's most famous fashion and accessories design firms; or the most important wedding event, in which the companies of the wedding industry in Tenerife introduce the sector's innovations to the world.

Mencey's team does not stop thinking and innovating. We must emphasize its Sprunch offer, a mixture between Spa and brunch which has become popular inside and outside the island. It's the perfect combination of two of the main hotel attractions: its wellness centre -with special treatments- and its gastronomy. In addition, its prices are really affordable and it is not just opened to its guests, but to the people of Tenerife, so everybody can give himself a treat from time to time. The secret plan's goal of this historical and vibrant hotel consists of facing seasonality and building a brand that identifies with the destination. The hotel then becomes an experience, a must-visit place in Tenerife, whether you stay or not.

Opening the market in this way, breaking the barriers and reusing resources are the key factors. However, Grand Mencey's secret of success consists of paying special attention to guests needs and emotions. At the end of the day, guests make the hotel what it is.

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