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Traditional, Glatt Kosher For Passover Seder 2017 at Talia's Steakhouse, New York

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Talia's is now taking prepaid reservations for Passover 2015. Bring your family and friends. No group is too small or too big.

    NEW YORK, NY, March 15, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- What is so special about the most-celebrated Jewish holiday of the year, Passover? Passover or Pesach is one of the most important Jewish holiday which commemorates the Exodus (a Greek word meaning "departure.") of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt about more than 3,300 years ago. Jews observe a weeklong festival with several rituals, such as, a traditional Passover feast known as seders, the removal of leavened products (Chametz) from their home, the substitution of matza for bread and the retelling of the exodus tale to our children. You get to see your family and friends, drink four glasses of wine and enjoying an elaborate feast accompanied by reading and chanting the Haggadah which is a written guide to the Passover seder. (means "telling" in Hebrew). The only downside to all is the hours you spend on shopping, cooking, and the mess you have to clean up afterwards. As far as Jewish holiday meals go, Passover can be one of the most stressful holiday which requires a thorough planning.

Do not stress about shopping, cooking and cleaning during the upcoming Passover holiday. For over almost fifteen years, Talia's Steakhouse & Bar, the premier Glatt kosher restaurant in Manhattan, New York, is conducting four prepaid Passover Seders with two sittings each night. Talia's will also serve lunch and dinner during Chol Hamoed and Yom Tov. It will be open almost 24/7 during this biggest Jewish holiday of the year.

"Since 2003, we have been celebrating Passover Seder feast and due a great success, Talia's will offer these Seders this season again," says Manager, Adam Nagar. "If you are looking for a relaxing and stress-free way to celebrate Passover with your loved ones without spending the whole day in the kitchen, consider what has become a tradition for Passover at our popular New York City Glatt Kosher restaurant. Talia's doors are open to all Jews regardless of their background, affiliation, wealth, religious beliefs and level of practices. Anyone who wishes to know the sources of our Passover tradition through contemporary eyes is invited to participate in Talia's Passover Seders".

Talia's Steakhouse and Bar, will be cooking up a traditional Passover Seders that even your grandma would approve of. The four courses Passover Seder Feast 2017 will include grilled ribeye steak, brisket, chicken marsala, Moroccan salmon, lamb shank, scrumptious desserts and other traditional food such as Matzo ball, a full Seder plate and the traditional four cups of wine. A complete kosher-for-Passover bar with all your favorite Martinis, Cosmos, Mojitos and more is also available.

Talia's Steakhouse is under strict rabbinic supervision to ensure everything in the steakhouse is prepared properly according to kosher laws. All food for the holiday is pre-cooked and all meals are pre-paid, as no money can be exchanged during the holiday. Because of this, reservations must be made in advance. When Passover does not fall out on Shabbat, like in this year, grilling on an existing fire is permitted so that guests can enjoy grilled steaks or salmon, chocolate souffle and more.

Passover Seder feast prices: $130.00 for adults; $95 for children under 10-year-old.

As usual, Talia's has prepared a team of cleaners who will clean every inch of the kosher Manhattan restaurant overnight to make sure there is no chametz left on the premises. To read a general description of the process of making the restaurant kosher-for-Passover, please visit: ... z2HGlqclWb.

Talia's is now taking prepaid reservations for Passover 2017. Bring your family and friends. No group is too small or too big. Special seats for singles! Talia's romantic ambiance with candles and roses on each table make it an ideal spot for couples looking to celebrate the holiday. Space is limited, so book as soon as possible. Talia's Steakhouse & Bar is located at 668 Amsterdam Avenue (between 92nd and 93rd Streets), New York, NY 10025.

Talia's is also located near many hotels and synagogues, a list of which can be found at the following link:

Talia's Steakhouse specializes in the finest, affordable, Glatt kosher catering for Passover and other Jewish holidays and celebrations in New York. Talia's will cater any party size at your home or synagogue. Deliveries and pick-ups are also available. Glatt kosher doubled-wrapped package delivery may be available to other restaurants, hotels and other locations. We can drop off the food or provide staff, equipment and a chef for a truly memorable Seder! Talia's staff is available daily to help you work out all the details. Call us at 212-580-3770.

Would you like to read some reviews about Talia's Passover services? Read Talia's great media feedback:

To view full holiday schedule, menus and prices, please visit Talia's dedicated Passover page:

For almost 15 years, Talia's Steakhouse has continuously reinvented the strictly Glatt kosher restaurant as a hip, modern place, where everyone will feel welcome: from Chabad and Satmer Chasidim to Modern Orthodox, secular Jews, non-Jewish customers and all other ethnic groups, Talia's has something for everyone. With so many repeat customers and fans, it's no wonder that Talia's Steakhouse has built such a "Haute" reputation. As one customer puts it: "You oughtta be the best, most progressive-still-frum place."

Talia's appeal reaches far outside of its Upper West Side location with its two unique dinner and brunch menus offering a gourmet selection of prime rib, filet mignon, duck, whole branzino, homemade hummus, Belgian waffles, shakshouka, non-dairy tofu cheeseburger and more. Where else can you sip a cocktail at midnight while catching a cool breeze at Talia's Outdoor Cafe or enjoy a ball game on a large screen TV while eating a delicious, mouthwatering kosher steak.

Talia's is a great spot to take your wife or girlfriend out to dinner. Enjoy the romantic atmosphere, dimly-lit, candles and fresh roses on each table, mellow live music and a wonderful blend of American and Middle-Eastern cuisines. She will be talking about her special evening for weeks to come. In addition, Saturday nights all year round, Talia's transforms into a romantic lounge where people from all over come to reconnect with old friends and meet new and exciting people.

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