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Urban Legends, Classic American Values And Other 'Mysteries Of Hidden And Forgotten America' Are Uncovered In Upcoming 'I'm Here' Comic Book Series

Nuh Omar announces "I'm Here" comic book series.

Nuh is a walking encyclopedia of pop culture and he uses this knowledge to constantly surprise his readers by shattering preconceived ideas and creating new ones in their place.

    LOS ANGELES, CA, December 18, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Writing creative extraordinaire Nuh Omar is announcing "I'm Here," a new original fantasy-horror comic book that investigates America's strangest urban legends and examines the issue of the decline of classic American values.

The 12-issue series follows protagonist Jonas Oak, a journalist and cryptozoologist, who is on a journey to uncover the truth behind the urban legend. Whether myth or long forgotten, Jonas assures them: "I'm Here For You."

"Each issue is told with a unique style and focus within the larger arc," said Omar, a Pakistan native, who recently finished a run as Creative Manager of the Procter & Gamble Team at ad agency IAL Saatchi & Saatchi. "Cryptids include The Goatman of Maryland, Baba Yaga, and of course, Big Foot, as Jonas uncovers the mysteries of hidden and forgotten America."

"I'm Here" was originally developed as a TV mini-series. Influenced by Alan Moore's run on "Swamp Thing" and by Universal Studios classic horror films, some issues feature complete visual storytelling void of dialogue. The plot advances and is portrayed from Jonas Oak's perspective, from bystanders' points of view, through Oak's newspaper stories and even from the cryptids themselves.

Artist Travis Francis is providing artwork for the series, which will feature brushed visuals and illustrations tailored for each story.

"The project presents an interesting opportunity for an artist to interpret urban legends in a unique way," said Francis, a distinguished illustrator known for his work in advertising and for IAL Saatchi & Saatchi. "The characterization and Nuh's storytelling make this project fresh and intriguing. For me, this story will change how we look at our truths and myths, opening our minds to new possibilities."

The first issue - "In a Tidal Wave of Mystery" - is a Rashomon Effect tale that takes Jonas Oak to Maryland to discover the truth behind the shooting of the creature, The Goatman. Four stories of the same incident are told of what ultimately leads to the killing of the creature, but Jonas has to find out if any of the tales are real. The issue touches on the way people perceive events under fear, the theme of issue No. 1.

"The first issue is introducing Jonas and what he does," Omar said. "He grew up in upstate New York, and gains his interest in the mythical from his dad. After his father dies, he picks up the torch. He's kind of like Mulder, in that he believes. It's kind of an X-Files-like story, but more fantasy than science fiction. The title of the first issue comes from the Capital Cities album of the same name, as each issue is named for a favorite album of mine at the moment."

Other cryptids Jonas Oak brings to light include Bloody Bones, Slender Man, and a comedic look at a band of reptile people living in New Mexico.

"Nuh is a walking encyclopedia of pop culture and he uses this knowledge to constantly surprise his readers by shattering preconceived ideas and creating new ones in their place," said Francis. "For me, the project is about perceptions and how we perceive legends. I feel it explores what it means to be monstrous and Nuh's writing makes each story interesting and surprising."

Supporting characters include Jonas's oversized coyote companion, Grendal, who helps him sniff out cryptids, along with Guillen, a nondescript shadow figure who leads Jonas to end goals, and the Jersey Devil, a sleazy dive bar owner who provides and archives Jonas' investigative resources.

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Omar has written creative advertising copy for campaigns for global brands such as Procter & Gamble Corporate, Head & Shoulders, Pampers, Samba Bank, QMobile, Dawlance Appliances, Inbox, Interwood and the Procter & Gamble branded character, Commander Safeguard, renowned as Pakistan's first original superhero.

Omar wrote and produced the short film, "We're Americans, Eh?" which was named a Top Five Short Films from Los Angeles by the nationwide 24 Hour Film Festival in 2011.

He also wrote and directed three films for Pakistani conglomerate, Engro Corporation, which were produced by Y Productions, including a deeply emotional short film on late sculptor Shahid Sajjad. It was the final film made about Sajjad during his lifetime, which had Sajjad's approval and left the client in tears.

Omar worked as documentarian on the Crystal Reel award-winning film, "Loves Me Not." In addition, he wrote the short film, "The Porter & The Stone," a modern homage to the classic Oscar Wilde tale, "The Happy Prince." Made for the millennial generation, "The Porter & The Stone" is now in pre-production.

Omar attended the renowned New York Film Academy and Full Sail University, graduating as class valedictorian.

He is currently developing a feature film script for an adventure family drama that answers the question: what happens to imaginary friends after children are done with them?

The first issue of "I'm Here" will be available Jan. 15 at Omar's official website - - and on Tumblr -

Nuh Omar is a writing creative from Pakistan.

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