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White Supremacy and Sexism Book Highlighting Mental Illness, Mind Control, and Healing Wins a Global E-book Award

Journey Through America to Discover the Truth and Dark Secrets Hidden Behind the Facade

    MCKINNEY, TX, September 06, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- It's no surprise that white supremacy, bigotry, and sexism are problems that have plagued America throughout history. Until now, many Americans thought that these were issues in the past and that America had, for the most part, climbed the hill and moved past the ugliest, most hurtful part and was reaching the other side. Well, to make a long story short, the recent white supremacy march in Charlottesville, VA propelled that fantasy to a screeching halt. In the aftermath, came the realization that things aren't what they seemed. "Though Americans come together to help different people in times of crisis, like Hurricane Harvey, when the dust settles, these same issues are still present and degrade the morality and consciousness of the nation" proclaims A. L. Bryant, author of "The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism and Mind Control in America."

The truth is that racism, bigotry, sexism, anti-Semitic views, and other types of discrimination never went away. They were just hidden. Yet, they still had an astounding effect on America. "Sure, we have made great improvements and things are much better than in the 1960's, but discriminatory thoughts and actions are always festering in some, right below the surface, waiting for the right moment to explode. It is the fact that race and sex relations were improving too much as to the reason why this ugly part of America's past is resurfacing. This resurfacing is necessary if America wants to move past discriminations. In order to solve a problem, you must face it head on," said Bryant.

White supremacists are very scared that they are losing something. When, in reality, white Americans still hold the majority of power and wealth in America. Yet, in the white supremacist's mind they are being annihilated. "Statements from white supremacists like 'Jews will not replace us' and 'We will not cease to exist,' are irrational fears based on paranoia and a mental illness called narcissism, since nothing is happening to that effect," explained Bryant.

"The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America (Astonishing Discoveries, Unearthed Secrets, and How to Heal)" by A. L. Bryant is a non-fiction book that explains the reasons behind these issues and the psychological disturbances that are the root cause. It won the bronze award in the Inspirational/Visionary category of Dan Poynter's Global Ebook Awards for 2017. The Truth reveals how mind control is the weapon of choice to keep certain groups in power and others in the dark and oppressed. This book offers different perspectives, from the physical to the metaphysical. It delves into the mysteries behind racists and sexists and their supporters, who are called "disciples."

Is America ready to learn the truth about these dark secrets? According to Bryant, "The majority of white supremacists and sexists are not the ones marching in the streets, they are in power positions practicing discrimination with different races, women, religions, and individuals living alternative lifestyles every day. They may not carry a torch or go to rallies, but when they stop others from achieving in the workplace, getting a loan, or harass, brutalize and incarcerate for no reason, they kill the spirit of Americans trying to live out the American dream every day. They are undercover racists, bigots and sexists who smile in your face because they know that their beliefs are socially unacceptable. Many pretend that they are for the rights of all people, but their actions prove differently. These are the anonymous flame throwers of America who are lighting brush fires under the right that all people are created equal, as stated in the Declaration of Independence."

"The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America" offers proof that being supreme is not based on any physical attributes. "It's based on one's capacity for love, peace, and understanding. When one practices this, that's when the individual's spirit is at the highest level, and is therefore supreme," said Bryant.

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About the Author
A. L. Bryant is a former journalist, with articles published in the San Diego Independent newspaper and on popular blog sites. In 2003, Bryant won a literary award for a children's story.

Approaching every piece from the human perspective, Bryant has always sought to uncover, not just the facts, but the real issues behind the story. During this discovery process, and through personal interactions spanning over 25 years, Bryant is exposing tangible evidence about why some things occur in society.

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The Truth About White Supremacy, Sexism, and Mind Control in America is currently available on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and Apple iTunes.

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