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Wisdom Land: A Free Franchise Opportunity For Every Corner of the World

It will bring a whole new range of jobs, along with improved mind, and brain health; transforming messed up neighborhoods into areas of health, happiness, peace and prosperity; by establishing Wisdom Lands in every nook and cranny of the globe.


    WASHINGTON, DC, March 11, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ -- The world is suffering simply because our experts do not know the difference between brain and mind and as a result, they take the brain and mind as just the mind. So we have Mind education and Brain education lumped together as the single entity of Mind education. Not only is brain education ignored and neglected we miseducate the brain.

It is the quality of brain education that determines wisdom and emotional intelligence and it is brain education that is messed up! No wonder our whole society is messed up! From ancient times Human Nature has remained more or less as fundamentally animal in nature as ever because while mind education has improved by leaps and bounds brain education has remained as stagnant as ever. The time has come for our leaders and our experts to wake up to the clear path of a wise society by way of brain education.

Just imagine by taking up brain education we will be taking up wisdom education; as wisdom springs from emotional health that is generated by an emotionally healthy brain. In fact, there is this huge opportunity to not only introduce brain education our leaders can launch this whole newer Wisdom Industry. This wisdom industry will create a wise society along with the creation of new lines of jobs, prosperity, happiness, health and even peace. Can you even imagine two wise nations going to war against each other?

From crime, corruption, hatred, prejudice, fear, unhappiness, restlessness, sleeplessness, to drug addiction and poverty; it is all a byproduct of emotionally challenged brains.

I am suggesting Wisdom Lands be created in every corner of the world. This will not only bring a huge amount of jobs into every neighborhood due to newly minted Wisdom Industry related professions like Brain Cleaners, Happiness Seminar Leaders, Wise Parenting Inspectors cum Instructors etc. It will also bring prosperity and improved mind and brain health and as a result, it will transform messed up neighborhoods into areas of health, happiness, peace and prosperity

We can start with small scale Brain Power Clubs and Wisdom Restaurants popping up in every neighborhood around the world. I am making this franchise free. If you are interested please email me at for specific details.

Let me explain a 'Wisdom Resturant'.

In the center will be the kitchen surrounded by a glass wall. All around there will be tables for the customers. On the four sides of the seating area, there will be four giant screens. The four sides will be depicting life as generated by a -2, -1, +1, and +2 brain respectively. At different times there will be Ted Talk like lectures and seminars explaining, Wise Parenting, Wisdom, Happiness, Restlessness, Humility, Depression etc. For instance, Wisdom and Emotional Intelligence will be explained as Emotional Health and there will be lectures on how to enable Emotional Health. There will be shows in the kitchen on healthy cooking and healthy eating habits.

There can be other versions of restaurants. Four different restaurant formats as follows:

The kitchen in the center surrounded by glass walls with a different restaurant on each side where every customer can see every other customer in all four restaurants. One restaurant will be based on the means of -2 minds/brains (young students with failing grades or those who chose to experience -2 brain level life). Food will be served as in soup kitchens. People will be served standing in line; their choice of food will be limited. When they enter the restaurant they will have to stand in line and wait for a few minutes. They will even have to stand in line for the bathroom.

One restaurant will be a fast food restaurant that will be for -1 brain level; where the food again will be limited. They will again have to stand in line.

One restaurant will be for +1 brain level; where customers will be served by waiters. There will be a wide variety of food.

One restaurant will be for +2 brain level where customers will get to order custom food and every customer will have deluxe services served by 2 waiters.

In one version actual homeless people can be served free meals in the -2 level restaurant. In return for having their brains healed/cleaned. In the -1 restaurant the customers can be given free meals in return for part time work and for having their brains healed by attending seminars that will be shown on the giant screens.

Same with +1 customers.

In another version, all customers can be tested and given their brain level grades.

There is only one condition all those who come together to work on this will be shareholders. One person or a small group cannot own it all, though those who invest more can get a larger share. It has to be a crowd-funded venture.

The possibilities for creating a wise society along with jobs and wealth are limitless.

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