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Hagyography "Shuts Down" Times Square For Ten Full Minutes in Premiere Roadblock Billboard Campaign, Deemed A Massive Success

2018-04-14 | Hagyography is a new education concept which focuses on a customized suite of online visual learning devices for early childhood to middle school children. All videos will be hosted by an upcoming YouTube channel.

New Book from URM GROUP Founders Explains How Businesses Use Universal Risk Management Breakthroughs to Outperform Competitors, Achieve Higher Profits and Sustain Growth

2018-04-12 | "Leading from Under the Sword of Damocles: A Business Leader's Practical Guide to Using Predictive Emulation to Manage Risk and Maintain Profitability" is now available at online booksellers

New "Killing Cats Leads to Rats" Book by Richard Franzi Looks at Unintended Consequences of Business Decisions

2018-03-27 | Examples Include Pepsi, Wells Fargo, Target, Starbucks, Samsung, Volkswagen and more. Foreword by Best-selling Author Marshall Goldsmith

New eLearning Leadership Course Helps Fix "Broken" Corporate Cultures

2018-03-22 | Organizational Acupuncture™ Applies Traditional Chinese Medicine Principles to Enhance Culture through Communication

Colleen Stanley Listed in Sales Gurus 30 for 2018

2018-03-20 | Global Gurus identifies 'Top Sales Speakers and Trainers' in the world

How To Use March Madness To Dramatically Improve Your Business Team Or Classroom Results - Author And Keynote Speaker Rocky Romanella's Cutting-Edge Approach To Creating Results

2018-03-10 | A highly sought keynote speaker and trainer, Romanella is founder and principal of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. He has over 40 years of leadership at Fortune 100's.

An African Princess Releases Her 21st Anniversary Book Campaign: Master. Manifest. Dominate Your Amazing Life!

2018-03-06 | "If you truly desire a door to open, seek it out; if it doesn't open, then create a door for yourself, and run through it like your life depended on it."

New Book Finally Takes Mystery our of Public Relations to Help Small Businesses Attract Media for Growth

2018-03-03 | PR Agency Veteran Launches "Pitched: A Simple DIY Guide to Public Relations for Small Business" Now Available on Amazon Kindle

New Romance Novel Sordid Secrets Book Launch

2018-02-23 | Dark and thrilling to the core!

A Family In The International Real World

2018-02-07 | "Life lessons were learned with the family on a worldwide adventure, from the oil patch of Texas, around the world and back again."

Twelve Years Of Turbulence: The Inside Story Of American Airlines' Battle For Survival By Gary Kennedy and Terry Maxon Launches February 6th

2018-02-03 | Former American General Counsel Kennedy Recounts What Happened At American Airlines

A Powerful Self-Help Book Out Now - Sonia A Nwajei Book Reveals Twenty-Six Steps To A Better You - Available On Amazon For Purchase 30/1/2018

2018-01-31 | This is a unique MOTIVATIONAL book that encourages self-improvement, career objectives, building and maintaining a stronger, happy and lasting relationship and marriage. It is a must have inspirational handbook for everyone.

How to BEAT the FUTURE in New Accountant's Latest Issue

2018-01-30 | New Accountant dives into ways to enhance your career as an Accountant.

The 100-Day Plan - Rocky Romanella's Cutting Edge Strategic Business Planning Process Can Transform Any Company Or Startup In 2018

2018-01-19 | A highly sought keynote speaker and trainer, Romanella is founder and principal of 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC. He has over 40 years of leadership at Fortune 100's.

Mysterious Builder of Seattle Landmarks Proves Immigrants Invaluable

2018-01-18 | New memoir reveals scandalous liaison and remarkable contributions to Seattle

IBBY Announces the Shortlist for the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Awards

2018-01-18 | Winners to be announced in March

Singapore-Based Company Offers Curriculum Planning Service for Teachers

2018-01-16 | Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. employs highly qualified educators to create and share resources with teachers, tutors and educators both in Singapore and overseas.

A New Perspective On The Role Of Women In Society - GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change By Award Winning Author Sylvia Lafair

2017-12-21 | Sylvia Lafair is the founder of Creative Energy Options (CEOinc), a global business consulting firm and the world's leading authority in Pattern Breakthrough Leadership Development, a Top Global Leadership Guru and award-winning author