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Bruntwood Calls For Businesses To Forge Ahead With Environmental Programmes

2009-02-05 | Bruntwood, office space provider, has issued a clarion call to businesses to forge ahead with their environmental programmes despite the credit crunch

Archive Systems Recycling Efforts Save over 1,145 Tons of Fiber: Go Green Initiative Provides Dramatic Results in 2008

2009-02-05 | Archive Systems today announced that the company's Go Green recycling efforts in New Jersey have saved over 1,145 tons of fiber in 2008.

SprayMax Reaches New Level In Spray Urethane Foam

2009-02-05 | Green is just not a word at SprayMax Industrial Coating Inc, it is a way of life as SoyThane 90 NCF makes debute as the first Spray Urethane Foam with a Negative Carbon Foot Print

Deconstruction Network Elects Green Building Expert To Board Of Directors

2009-02-04 | Miranti Ojong joins board of directors for Deconstruction and Building Materials Reuse Network, Inc.

Incorporating a Press Release Into Your Marketing Plan Can Help Boost Your Visibility During Tough Times

2009-02-03 | Press Release Distribution Service Advises the Advantage of a Press Release

Double Glazing Helps Reduce Bills

2009-01-31 | New research shows that double glazing can bring down energy bills.

Benefits of Stakeholder Participation in Fisheries Management

2009-01-30 | A Good Practice Guide to Participatory Research in Fisheries Science is released this January 2009 as part of the EU GAP1 project. The participants are focused on optimizing their collaborative efforts to provide robust scientific advice for fisheries management.

A.C.T. Remediation: A Crime Scene Cleanup

2009-01-30 | Specializing in crime scene cleanup, unattended death cleanup, and Meth lab cleanup announces new technicians to service clients better in more cities nationwide.

On Location - Off Grid? - A Compact and Robust Power Inverter Makes You Mobile and More Independent

2009-01-28 | A DC/AC power inverter allows you to be more mobile than ever. You can use all the power appliances you have already bought and take them wherever you want. Install an off-grid power system with a power inverter in your boat, caravan, truck or for industrial use?

Deconstruction Network Partners With Local Habitat For Humanity For Reuse Of Home Building Materials

2009-01-27 | Reusable Doors, Windows and more will be Donated to Habitat's ReStore in Goleta to Help Build more Homes & Divert Tons of Materials from Local Landfills

Luna Road's Eco-friendly Light Systems Illuminate Roadways

2009-01-21 | Luna Road Ltd, a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of the new high-tech "cat's eyes," now known as Luna Road Lights, is working tirelessly to unveil their new Eco-Friendly Luna Road Light technology to countries all around the globe.

True West Realty Expands to Offer Prescott, Arizona's Finest Ranches and Custom Homes

2009-01-21 | Top Producing Agents Join True West Realty, True West Realty hired to exclusively market new Prescott, Arizona mountain subdivision

SprayMax Industrial Coatings Inc Makes Chemical Breakthrough In the Use Of Soy In Spray Urethane Foam Hits New Milestone

2009-01-21 | SoyThane, Spray Urethane Foam. The worlds first to use a 90% Soy B Side in Spray Urethane Foam.

Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Water Industry and Investing Affiliate Program

2009-01-19 | Investing In a Better World; Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Water Industry and Investing Affiliate Program - Affiliate websites in the sector can now feature stock directories in cleantech

The Most Chic Aprons Ever at Kir DeVries!

2009-01-18 | Who says you have to look dowdy while working in the kitchen? Go from House Frau to House Wow! New Tayga aprons at Kir DeVries bring chic to dining and entertainment.

Jatropha Plantings to Produce Biodiesel, Ms Diana Holden Visits Tordzinu Tribe Village Farms

2009-01-17 | Lady D (Ms Diana Holden) sole owner of Gold Star Farms worldwide leads a prayer to give thanks for the abundant harvest of Jatropha for 2008. In addition she offers gifts and her respect as tradition to the chief, Simon Aglo, who is the head of the Tordzinu Farm.

Training Guaranteed to Help Small Businesses Improve Profits

2009-01-16 | commits to help small businesses through the recession by offering a special webinar on energy expense reduction with guaranteed results.

Local Barber Gets Children's Book on 'Real World Issues' Published after 30 Years of Work

2009-01-14 | Hermy heard of wondrous places in the world. Mountains, trees, valleys, cities . . . all sound enticing, yet scary, especially when you never left your own backyard. Yet the lure of the unknown remains. Join Hermy, the little hermit, as he sets off on his journey of exploration to a strange land.

Saltwater and Marine Power Systems?

2009-01-09 | Off-grid power systems are popular in boats and marine use. A new series of Power Inverters and Inverter/Charger is very robust and more compact than previously seen.

Environmental Systems Has Developed Cost Effective Bioremediation Technology for Remediation of Petroleum/Chlorinated Solvent Contaminated Residential and Commercial Sites. The Use of this Product Greatly Reduces Remediation Costs and Along with the Time Needed to the Project

2009-01-08 | Environmental Systems ( is a full service environmental co. which provides site investigation, due diligence, geoprobe/drilling, phase I property services for commercial and homeowner sites. As a NJDEP approved clean-up star contractor, Environmental Systems can provide a total remediation package.