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WHAT ARE EDITORS OF BABY GIFT PUBLICATIONS GOING GAA-GAA OVER? THE SECRET LIES IN ONE BABY BLANKET COMPANY'S SUPER-PERSONALIZED BABY BLANKETS. This company from Dallas is seeing a long awaited dream come true. Not only are they making new moms smile around the country, but now the press too.

2007-01-24 | Fill In The Blankie offers customers up to 200 characters embroidered along the satin edges of woven cotton blankets. Most other high-end retailers allow no more than 20 characters. It's more than just a monogram; this allows customers to weave their warmest wishes into a high-quality blankie.

The Rodeo Drive Transformation Vacation

2007-01-18 | More people are traveling for plastic surgery. To best serve these clients, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills has developed a unique program to conveniently provide plastic surgery to visiting patients.

Fashion Day Soiree announces April 07 Shopping Event - Now accepting Designer registrations -

2007-01-18 | Fashion Day Soiree - LA's Hottest Fashion event now accepting designers and fashion companies to showcase at the April 14, 2007 event at The Highlands Club in Hollywood, CA. Over 50 designers and 1000's of fashion savvy shoppers at this all inclusive shopping event await your product!

Pacific Design introduces Nintendo(R) DS Lite(TM) Street Cases & Street Packs Affordable Style and Protection For Gamers on the Go Available Now

2007-01-16 | Pacific Design announces the retail availability of the DS Lite(TM) Street Pack and Street Case, two cutting edge cases designed to carry and protect the popular Nintendo DS Lite hand-held gaming device.

Rodeo Drive Chin Rejuvenation

2007-01-15 | A Beverly Hills plastic surgeon's minimally-invasive neck and chin rejuvenation procedure helps patients look slimmer and younger.

The Rodeo Drive Belly Button

2007-01-03 | The only plastic surgery center on world-famous Rodeo Drive unveils its unique tummy tuck procedure that creates a beautiful belly button.

Ikove a truly line of organic skin and hair care brings you the beauty secrets from the rainforest. After a long research of the powers that Amazonian herbs hold, Florestas created a line of organic hair and skin care certified by ECOCERT France.

2007-01-02 | If you stop by the aisles in a cosmetic shop and look at the labels, many products will be named "natural", but some of them will contain just 3% of plants ingredients. This is why ECOCERT France have developed the first Organic Cosmetics specifications in 2002.

New Web Site Presents the Facts About Plastic Surgery

2006-12-28 | There is growing interest in plastic surgery. However, there is more and more confusion about the actual facts regarding plastic surgery. A new web site provides impartial information about plastic surgery for people looking to understand their options.

bandO now available around Australia from Townsville and back up to Alice Springs

2006-12-23 | Fertile Mind releases another outstanding success for pregnant mums - within 2 weeks of release it is available all over Australia in Maternity and Baby stores


2006-12-22 | urth SKIN SOLUTIONS FOR MEN wins Best Facial Cleanser recognition in Instinct Magazine's 2006 Male Grooming awards.

Last-Minute Shoppers: Offers 2 Day Shipping for Just $6 and Saturday Delivery on 12/23

2006-12-15 | Shop for iPod(R), cell phone, laptop and mobile gaming cases online through 12/22 at 2pm Central for delivery on 12/23. offers FREE PERSONALIZATION on all iPod Flip Cases with delivery by 12/23!

USiFF Online Auctions Offers Buyers a Guarantee

2006-11-25 | USiFF online auctions developed a unique system that will guarantee that the seller you are dealing with is exactly who they say they are.

Are you a business owner or involved in Marketing? Do you use all possible marketing strategies?

2006-11-06 | Many involved in marketing tend to overlook the easiest form of marketing because they believe the process is to complex. It isn’t complex at all.

Being Listed In The Top Listings Of Search Engines Is No Easy Task. Are You Doing What It Takes?

2006-10-30 | Using A Press Release Within Your Search Engine Optimization Tactic. Something Everyone In Any Industry Can Use.

Lolli by reincarnation offers accessories in over 100 COLORS!!! Now that's intense. Customers can order Signiture Hobo Bags, Obi Belts, and other products. Yes, the products are still hand-cut+sewn with love. See why they are known to reinvent, recreate, that's reincarnation.

2006-10-27 | Lolli by reincarnation is having a Launch Party to kick off their new website (looks like she had a little work done.) Customers can now purchase Lolli Hobo bags, clutches, and belts in over 100 COLORS now!!

50 Million Dollars in TV Infomercials Available to Build an MLM Work at Home Business

2006-10-25 | Household name ITV Direct enters the MLM arena to build a win-win situation for those looking to work at home. ITV Direct will invest $50 million in TV infomercial advertising for their members to create the next work at home business giant in the multi-million dollar MLM industry.

Solis on Market Presents the Amanda Lepore and Robert Cavalli Cocktail Party, Andrew Mackenzie Trunk Show and Signing of David LaChapelle's "Artists & Prostitutes" Book.

2006-10-25 | Solis on Market Presents the Amanda Lepore and Robert Cavalli Cocktail Party, Andrew Mackenzie Trunk Show and Signing of David LaChapelle's "Artists & Prostitutes" Book.

Looking To Promote Your Website This Holiday? You May Want To Consider A High Traffic News Sites As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy This Holiday.

2006-10-24 | The last quarter of the year is the most important time of year for marketers, but hot prime limited locations won’t last long!

"Light Bulb Moment" Leads To Problem Solution

2006-10-23 | What to do with all this stuff? A question many families face with aging members. A Tias newsletter led to solving this problem.

G'day to those born in the USA says Aussie maternity wear company -

2006-10-22 | The USA has a new website offering great maternity wear and accessories. is attracting so many visitors from the US, the company now has an online store