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Future of Global Economy Revealed in...a Diet Book?!?

2009-03-13 | The Pen and Paper Diet focuses entirely on calorie or energy consumption. The stages of the diet can be applied to the current state of the global economy.

Prudential Reveals UK Adults Delaying Retirement Due To Economy

2009-03-13 | The new Prudential Class of 2009 retirement survey has revealed that 2.2m UK adults are delaying retirement in 2009 due to the economic recession and falling investments

Miracle Debt Solutions Becomes an Approved Member of TASC

2009-03-13 | Miracle Debt Solutions has been approved to become a member of TASC.

Free Credit Report Offers and Comparisons launched at

2009-03-13 | The web can be confusing about what free credit report offer, is the best one. That is why has put all the free credit report offers in one spot, with our reviews and ratings.

Michaels Introduces "It's My Birthday" Program

2009-03-12 | Fun and affordable, personalized parties save parents time and money

Life Record Inc. Releases iWonder Surf Parental Controls for the iPhone and iPod Touch

2009-03-12 | iWonder Surf allows parents to have total control and knowledge of exactly WHERE their children are going on the web, exactly WHEN they are going there, and exactly WHAT they are looking at.

Schooner Bay Offers Bahamas Islands Real Estate With Sustainability Features

2009-03-12 | The new Schooner Bay development in Abaco, Bahamas offers many green and self-sustaining features while also providing the type of island life that attracts many real estate purchasers to the Bahamas.

Oprah Says "Love Doesn't Hurt!" Reconciliation not Uncommon says Abuse Survivor but Rhianna Should Testify

2009-03-12 | Young Woman shares story of Love, Violence & Reconciliation now Advocates with her Abuser and pleads with Rhianna to testify against Chris Brown

Exporting Great Sex To China

2009-03-12 | A new translation of a popular Christian book on sex is being released this month in one of the most widely-read languages on the planet - Chinese.

A Chance to Win Gold and Silver, the Silver Blog Bash

2009-03-11 | Amid the current economic uncertainty, the chance to win gold and silver proves exciting in a time of continued depressing news.

ACF Car Finance Gives Cash Boost To Customers And Staff

2009-03-11 | We ran the competition across all eight of our branches and we are very pleased with its success. Not only did the competition provide an added incentive to customers during the tough economic climate, it proved a great way of rewarding our staff for their hard work in securing sales.

No More Easter Bunnies Please!

2009-03-11 | Many people give adorable baby bunnies as pets at Easter. In a few weeks the babies grow up, the children lose interest and the rabbits end up in shelters. This Easter, give a plush or chocolate bunny as a gift and then visit local shelters as a family to find the perfect bunny for a pet.

Thoughtful Bride Surprises Groom by Renting His Dream Car on Wedding Day

2009-03-10 | DFW Elite Auto Helps Bride Make First Drive As Man and Wife Unforgettable

Custom Creations Unlimited Offers Affordable Do-It-Yourself Card Stock for Home Printed Invitations

2009-03-10 | Printing your own invitations is easy and allows you more creativity by using different colors and fonts. They have over 100 designs from which to choose and all orders include free envelopes. Each is professionally printed on 110 pounds card stock ensuring bright, vibrant colors.

Big Names Converge on Forbes iConference

2009-03-10 | "We are excited to collaborate with Forbes to bring investors together during these times of challenge and opportunity. Investors and traders alike have learned in recent months that education and actively managing your portfolio is the key to success." - Price Headley,

A New Diet to Help Children and Teenagers Appreciate Math and Science

2009-03-09 | Since The Pen and Paper Diet (A Personal Daily Calorie Budget) uses basic science principles and simple math to control one's weight and can be accomplished by older children and teenagers with guidance from a family physician or dietitian, it can help kids appreciate math and science.

Severe Apnea Treatment With Oral Appliances. A New Study from The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Shows Successful Treatment of Severe Apnea with TAP Appliance

2009-03-08 | Oral appliances are growing in popularity after becoming a first line treatment for mild to moderate sleep apnea. They have been considered an alternative treatment for severe apnea when patients do not tolerate CPAP. This new study shows severe sleep apnea treatment success with the TAP appliance

Snoring: Bad for Relationships, Bad for Health. Dr. Dennis D. Stuart of Corte Madera, CA Affiliates with Snoring Isn't Sexy and Provides Oral Appliance Therapy for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

2009-03-07 | In these stressful times, a good night's sleep has become especially valuable, and increasingly difficult to get. Snoring and sleep apnea (a medical problem where the airway collapses during sleep) rob people and their bed partners of the rest they need to face their daily challenges.

EDSPA Announces New Board Members

2009-03-07 | EDSPA is a multidisciplinary organization that promotes cooperation, education and professional ethics in the matters of gestational carriers, traditional surrogacy, egg, sperm and embryo donation and related areas.

Asonor Ranked # 1 in Comprehensive User Test of Snore Remedies

2009-03-06 | In a recent independent user test of 7 different anti-snoring products on Danish men between the ages of 35 and 50 (and their partners), Asonor - the revolutionary anti-snoring nasal spray - walked away as the #1 product overall as well as in price/performance.