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Have Your Mortgage Cake and Eat It

2009-03-27 | Even under normal conditions it's difficult to decide whether to take a fixed or a variable rate mortgage, as it's hard to predict what interest rates will do next, but due to the current economic climate, it's even more difficult right now.

Lights Out And Green Lights For Two Popular New York Eco-Eateries

2009-03-26 | Eco Eatery owner Sean Meenan gets a jumpstart on Earth Day by honoring Earth Hour at Cafe Habana on March 28th and hosting a free Earth Day Expo, April 18th and 19th at Habana Outpost

Less Than 4% of Instant Access Savings Accounts Offer 3% Gross AER or More

2009-03-26 | Sainsbury's Finance promises to pay 2% above Bank of England base rate

Rottweilers the Most Expensive Dog to Treat

2009-03-26 | Most expensive dog breed is on average 61% more expensive to treat than the cheapest, Most expensive cat breed is on average 83% more expensive to treat than the cheapest, Sainsbury's Pet Insurance covers vets bills up to GBP7,500 per condition

Striking a balance: Makers Enjoy Cheap Deals But Face Changing Costs Of Foreign Currency

2009-03-26 | Average amount of foreign currency taken on holiday is up 36% as the pound weakens(1), Holiday makers urged to shop around for currency to ensure they get the most for their sterling

"Bark Obama Effect" Expected To Lead To Surge In Demand For Portuguese Water Dogs

2009-03-26 | Sainsbury's Bank warns against choosing a pet on the basis of fashion or trend

Federation of American Consumers and Travelers Helps Consumers Re-Claim Property

2009-03-26 | According to the Federation of American Consumers and Travelers (FACT), state governments across the nation are holding more than $30 billion in unclaimed consumer property.

Falling Behind On Your Mortgage Doesn't Have To Mean The Loss Of Your Home

2009-03-26 | The foreclosure rate in America skyrocketed by 81% in 2008 compared to 2007. States such as California and Florida have seen foreclosure rates jump by 377%.

Rate Rise Encourages Aussies to Re-evaluate Health Insurance Policies

2009-03-26 | As if to underline the tough times we're going through, the Federal Government has announced it will allow an average 6.02% increase to the cost of private health insurance cover, bringing more challenges to people already battling the financial gloom.

The BBC'S Missing Live Features Online People Search Company

2009-03-25 | Tracesmart emphasises the virtues of online people tracing

Look To The Stars For Forecast Of Brighter Days Ahead

2009-03-25 | Astrologist Gahl Sasson Foretells 10-Plus Ways Life Will Improve In Coming Months

Daycare Centers Can Earn Customers & Gain Credibility Via New Online Parents' Rating Resource

2009-03-24 | Concerned parents across the USA locate top-rated daycare centers and services while reading feedback and ratings or leaving their own reviews.

"Domestic and Family Violence - Still Prevalent and Taboo in 2009" Aired on Social Radio Network BlogTalkRadio

2009-03-23 | iAscend interviews Linda Hughey, President of CAN and former victim of domestic violence, live on "Get the Hell Out" Tuesday, March 24, 2009 at 9:00 pm MT.

Real Estate Company Creates New Service Concept - Seller Consulting

2009-03-22 | Clear Choice Realtors, a licensed Indiana broker, introduces a new concept that improves the agency dynamics between Realtors and their buyers and sellers. Discusses Refinancing Mortgage after Bankruptcy

2009-03-22 | Refinancing your home mortgage after filing bankruptcy may be easier than you think.

Case Study: Online Tutoring Helps Reinforce School Lessons

2009-03-22 | In November 2008, Inge of Vancouver, BC was faced with the prospect of her son, Max, being held back a grade because of his failing math grades. Wanting to help Max catch up to his class, Inge turned to TutorJam's online tutoring programs to get the academic help Max needed.

Charities Use Credit Cards Creatively To Keep Funds Flowing In

2009-03-21 | can report that charities must be more creative to generate income; 30% of charities are suffering from falling income as from the credit crunch, 52% of charities found February to be financially tougher than 5 months earlier, GBP4m raised by the WWF charity credit card

Prudential Reports Recession Woes Grow For Pensioners

2009-03-21 | Prudential survey reveals nearly GBP2.9bn income shortfall for pensioners who plan to retire in 2009 compared with those who planned to retire in 2008

NS&I Changes Premium Bonds Prize Structure And Variable Rates On Savings

2009-03-21 | NS&I announces big changes to the premium bonds prize structure to allow more people to win along with adjustments to the variable rates on savings products Advisor Unveils Secret To Successful Relationships

2009-03-21 | Scientific advisor to has revealed how the chemical make-up of the brain can affect the longevity of a relationship