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Canines Helping Humankind Using Their Noses

2009-07-15 | Does your dog like to find things around the house or the yard? Following scent is the first thing a dog does when it's born and last thing it does before it passes on. It's no wonder dogs are used to find missing persons and victims in disasters.

Do-It Yourself Immigration Law Can Backfire

2009-07-14 | US immigration law is arguably the most complex and difficult law in the world today. Thousands of people are turned away from this country and held in detention without constitutional protections over laws they don't understand.

HRIS can Rely on Tracker Corp for I-9 and E-Verify Software Integration and Compliance

2009-07-13 | New Compliance and API Functionality Continues to Make Tracker I-9 A Leading Industry Solution

Feds Impose a 45-day Ban on Lawyers Contacting Victims of Washington, D.C. Metro Rail Crash

2009-07-09 | Plaintiff and defense lawyers cannot solicit victims or offer settlements within first 45 days

Accident Claims - Air Canada Pays Hearing Loss Compensation

2009-07-09 | A Ramp Co-Ordinator working for Air Canada at Heathrow Airport has been awarded GBP6,000 compensation.

OpSec Security Identifies High Quality and Product Functionality as Key New Drivers Motivating Online Counterfeit Electronic Sales

2009-07-08 | Study Shows Consumers Enticed by Increasingly Better Electronic Fakes Available on the Internet

Schillings Take First Place At The Lawyer Awards 2009

2009-07-05 | Schillings celebrates as Matthew Himsworth wins Assistant Solicitor of the Year at the Lawyer Awards 2009

Craig Goldenfarb Named Chairperson to AAJ's AED Litigation Group

2009-07-02 | Craig Goldenfarb, a local personal injury lawyer, has been appointed chairperson of the American Association for Justice's Automated External Defibrillator Litigation Group

Craig Goldenfarb Donates Bulletproof Vests to Protect Teenage Police Explorers

2009-07-02 | Craig Goldenfarb, a local personal injury lawyer, donated two bulletproof vests to the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department to protect high school Police Explorers during "ride alongs" with officers on active duty.

Phoenix / Mesa Law Firm Helps Countrywide Borrowers Avoid Foreclosures

2009-07-02 | Phoenix / Mesa law firm of Gibson Ferrin & Riggs, PLC explains how lawsuit judgment provides loan modification assistance and foreclosure relief.

LEED Building Maintenance & Management Firm GreenEfficient is Taking a Stance on Green Building Compliance

2009-07-02 | GreenEfficient, a well-known LEED building maintenance and management firm with 12 US offices, has long been a business dedicated to changing the way business owners look at sustainable green building operation & maintenance practices.

The Stewart Law Firm Honored for Crime Victim Service

2009-07-02 | The Stewart Law Firm, P.L.L.C. has received an Outstanding Service Award in recognition for the firm's service and commitment to victims of crime from Crime Victims First.

Do-It Yourself Immigration Law Can Backfire

2009-07-02 | This articles examines some of the disasters that can occur with do-it-yourself immigration. Arguably the most complex area of law in the world has many traps. Lives, families, and careers are routinely destroyed daily with simple errors.

ImmigrationTracker and Tracker I-9 Consolidate Under New Name of Tracker Corp

2009-06-30 | On-Demand Compliance Software Firm Re-brands with New Name, Tracker Corp, and Corporate Website,

The Causes of Kernicterus

2009-06-28 | Both kernicterus and jaundice are caused by bilirubin. In most humans, the liver filters out the bilirubin, preventing any harmful side effects from developing.

Teens and Car Accidents

2009-06-28 | Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States. Teenagers are four times more likely to be killed in a car crash than any other age group.

The Unexpected Dangers of Slip and Fall Accidents

2009-06-28 | Slip and Fall accidents can sometimes cause life changing injuries. It is important to file the claim immediately after the accident and to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney about your options.

New User-Friendly Lawyers Data Base is Launched to the Web

2009-06-27 | ATATL is pleased to announce the launch of , a website devoted to legal information seekers. It intends to provide next-generation, full-featured, powerful, flexible, modular on-page searches.

Perfect Practice Software Incorporates LetterStream's Certified Mail Service

2009-06-27 | Certified Mail Made Easy with Perfect Practice and Letterstream

Employment Law Conference to Go Beyond Basics For Experienced HR Professionals

2009-06-25 | BLR to host 2009 National Employment Law Update October 19-21 in Las Vegas, Nevada