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Patients Seek to Eliminate Excess Skin With Abdominoplasty in Naperville

2013-01-17 | Dr. Alexandrina Saulis, board certified plastic surgeon in Elmhurst, Naperville, Oak Brook and Hinsdale, invites patients visit her office for an abdominoplasty consultation.

Pediatrician in Woodbridge Offers Ear Piercings in Office

2013-01-17 | Dr. Nimisha Shukla, Woodbridge pediatrician, encourages parents to have their child's ears pierced in her office rather than at stores.

Glendale Podiatrist Provides New Patient Services on His Website

2013-01-17 | Dr. Brad Aguirre is happy to be providing a variety of new patient services on his practice's comprehensive website.

Earlobe Repair and Male Breast Reduction New Jersey

2013-01-17 | Dr. Andrew Miller discusses with patients the procedure used to repair torn, split or stretched earlobes at Associates in Plastic Surgery- where that procedure, along with male breast reduction in New Jersey- are their specialty.

Specialty Hospital of Washington-Hadley Pharmacy Receives Clinical Site of the Year Award

2013-01-17 | The Pharmacy Department at the Specialty Hospital of Washington-Hadley has received the Clinical Site of the Year Award from Comprehensive Pharmacy Services (CPS).

Covington Who's Who Selects Linda Cavalluzzi as a VIP Member of the Executive and Professional Registry

2013-01-17 | The selection recognizes Linda Cavalluzzi's commitment to excellence in Business.

Sound Physicians Welcomes Dena Parker as Chief Financial Officer

2013-01-16 | Sound Physicians today announced the appointment of Dena Parker as the hospitalist organization's new Chief Financial Officer.

Transparent Bioprocesses by Analyzing the Respiratory Air of Microorganisms

2013-01-16 | Researchers from the Austrian Centre of Industrial Biotechnology (acib) developed a revolutionary method to analyze the exhaust of those microorganisms in real time that produce active agents for the pharmaceutical industry.

Sammy Sosa Announces Injex21 North American & Latin American Rights

2013-01-16 | Needle-free injection company a breakthrough for diabetics, children and others getting shots.

Eyeglass World Now Offers Project Runway Designer Eyeglass Frames

2013-01-16 | Eyeglass World encourages you to unleash your inner fashionista with the Project Runway eyewear they offer.

The Makers of Healthe Trim, A Natural Weight Loss Supplement, Offer Suggestions for Keeping New Year's Resolutions

2013-01-16 | Healthe Trim, a natural weight loss supplement, has seen the formula for resolution success and wishes to share this knowledge.

Environmental Hygienists Begin New Volatile Organic Compound and Toxic Mold Testing & Removal Service for Workplaces and Residences

2013-01-16 | Environmental Hygienists announce new volatile organic compound (VOC) and toxic mold inspection and remediation services for commercial, residential, and public buildings in Los Angeles, California, Las Vegas, Phoenix, nationwide USA, and Asia.

The World's Leading Manufacturer of Deer Antler Velvet Supplements, Combats Three of America's Biggest Health Epidemics with a Revolutionary New Line of All-Natural Supplements

2013-01-16 | In our fast paced society, it's no surprise that millions of Americans are battling with too much stress, too much body fat, and too little sleep. Most people suffer all three!

Obesity Crisis; Real or Imagined?

2013-01-16 | Global research recently confirmed that overweight people live the longest. Here is a prescription for adjusting our lifestyles and culture, to integrate this valuable information.

Dentist in Baltimore Creates Wed-based Educational Resources to Offer Quick and Easy Dental Care for Patients

2013-01-16 | Dr. K. Michael Murphy, Baltimore dentist, continues to provide patients with numerous opportunities to improve their dental health care knowledge through online educational resources.

Dentist in San Jose, CA Encourages Patients to Leave Online Reviews

2013-01-16 | Dr. Wesley Yemoto, San Jose, CA dentist, improves practice services through online reviews from patients.

Columbus Dentist Joins Popular Social Networking Channels for Improved Communication

2013-01-16 | Dr. Edward Smith, dentist in Columbus, invites patients to join Facebook and Twitter to receive frequent updates.

Warrenton Dentist Improves Patient Convenience With Online Appointment Requesting

2013-01-16 | Dr. Jeffrey Harris, dentist in Warrenton, invites patients to request their next appointment online via the practice's website.

Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia Celebrates Over 30 Years in Dentistry

2013-01-16 | Dr. Jack Gorin, Philadelphia cosmetic dentist, continues to provide superior dental care after more than three decades.

New York Podiatrist Makes Online Appointment Scheduling Easy

2013-01-16 | Dr. Alan Rosen and Dr. Brian Schultz are happy to be providing an easy to use appointment request form on their practice's website.