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Philadelphia Business Owner Billy Cromedy, President of Advantage Contracting, Attends White House Meeting to Discuss President Obama's Budget Plan and Looming Fiscal Cliff's Effects on Small Business

2012-12-06 | Billy Cromedy, President of Advantage Contracting, was selected as one of a small group of minority business leaders from around the country to participate in a meeting at the White House with administration officials on December 4th.

Nicaragua with the Highest Index of FDI-GDP in Latin America in 2011

2012-10-10 | A publication by the Latin Business Chronicle stated that Nicaragua was the country with the highest index of FDI as percentage of its GDP in Latin America in 2011, with a total of 13.3%, followed distantly by Panama with 9.1% and Chile with 7.0%.

Carlsbad Department of Development Supports Thermal Testing at WIPP

2012-09-14 | The Carlsbad Department of Development has joined with other groups in southeastern New Mexico in issuing a call for support for conducting thermal studies at the nearby Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.

College Board Rallies for Students in Washington

2012-06-23 | According to an article in The New York Times, College Board was able to rally over 22,000 signatures in Washington where they displayed 857 empty school desks. The signatures were for an online petition that hopes to influence educational policies.

AgilQuest REOS to Help Federal Agencies Meet New OMB Mandate on Real Estate Optimization

2012-06-21 | New optimization service meets government agency growth needs without exceeding existing office space allocation.

D. Thomas Meade Named a VIP Member of Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Federal Law Enforcement

2012-06-20 | Tom Meade Ensures the Security of NASA's Kennedy Space Center and Helps Fellow Officers Who Need Support

Advanced Composites, Inc. Achieves AS9100 Rev C Quality Management Certification

2012-05-13 | Advanced Composites Inc successfully completes most recent Quality Management System external audit in its continuing pursuit of exceeding customer expectations with high quality composite components for the aerospace, defense and energy industries.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Potter Demonstrates Integrity and Allegiance to the US

2012-04-30 | After serving in the Air Force for three decades, Mr. Potter continues to refine his specialty in air defense

Susan Sullivan Establishes herself as a Prominent Purchaser for the Government

2012-04-24 | With more than three decades of experience, Ms. Sullivan cites her perseverance as her key to success

Dr. William Charschan Challenges Physicians to Reform Healthcare by Reducing Medical Tests

2012-04-20 | Charschan believes that political action cannot reform healthcare and that patients have been sold a bill of goods by the healthcare monopoly. He believes reform must come from physicians instead. This begins with a systems approach to reduce costs.

CUSIB Applauds Plea From Human Rights Campaigner Annette Lantos to Save Voice of America Broadcasts to China, Tibet and Russia

2012-04-13 | The Committee for U.S. International Broadcasting (CUSIB) joins Annette Lantos in her powerful plea to preserve Voice of America (VOA) broadcasting to nations without free media.

William Gheen Launches News and Opinion Website Called The Gheen Report

2012-04-13 | William Gheen, notorious illegal immigration fighter and President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is launching a new website this week called "The Gheen Report" found on the web at

Calls for Privatisation of Northern Ireland Water to Encourage Consumers to Go Green

2012-04-06 | Privatisation of Northern Ireland Water is required to upgrade the ageing network and to encourage consumers to go green, says Northern Irish electrical appliance retailer,

Budget Forces Workers Out of Four Wheels and Onto Two Says Car Finance 247

2012-03-30 | Louis Rix, director of car loan specialists' Car Finance 247, today issued a statement in the wake of last week's Budget, which he says has hit all drivers - both privately and in business use - "drastically".

Top Real Estate Agent Kenn Renner Says Home Buying Rush Is Expected As Federal Tax Credit Expires

2012-03-16 | Austin-based Kenn Renner with Keller Williams Realty says the real estate market is picking up as people try to cash in on the First Time Homebuyer and Move Up Credit before it ends on April 30th.

Democracy 3.0 Resolves That Self-Representation is the Mandatory Precursor to Establishing a True Democracy in America

2012-03-01 | Robert Weidenfeld's new book outlines viable plans to reengineer the American Commons into a True Democracy, to wipe out the $16 trillion deficit in less than one year and to provide funds for improving the national infrastructure.

IRS Extends Amnesty for Taxpayers with Unreported Offshore Accounts

2012-01-12 | The IRS is offering another amnesty program for Americans with unreported foreign bank and financial accounts. The amnesty program lets Americans, dual nationals and foreign U.S. taxpayers avoid jail and huge penalties.

Per DM Group CEO Sees the Potential Danger for UK Businesses Following the Prime Minister's Veto of a New EU Treaty

2011-12-17 | The CEO of Per DM Group, one of the UK's leading out-source sales companies shares a number of the fears that have been expressed in the wake of the EU summit.

Jesse Young, CEO of PerDM, Believes That Small Businesses Should Take a Number of Positives from the Autumn Statement

2011-12-02 | The CEO of Per DM, along with many this week, followed The Chancellor George Osborne's autumn statement confirming a slowing in growth of the British economy.

Have the IRS to Thank for Your Tax Liens, Garnishments, and Levies? Let Blue Tax Stuff Those Turkeys at the IRS for You!

2011-11-28 | Enjoy the holidays by letting the attorneys at Blue Tax handle your IRS problems!