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Marketing in Difficult Times: A Golden Opportunity with a Press Release Service

2009-05-07 | When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Marketing!

Xradia 3D X-ray Images Key For University of Texas Scan of Famous Fossil "Lucy"

2009-04-29 | Ultra High Resolution Xradia MicroXCT 3D CT Scanner Provides Insight Into World's Oldest Complete Adult Erect Walking Skeleton

IDENT Technology AG Announces License Partnership with Infineon Technologies AG

2009-04-24 | IDENT Technology of Wessling close to Munich has signed up Infineon as a license partner from the semiconductor industry.

SiGlaz Disk Defect Analyzer Software Receives Customer Acceptance

2009-03-22 | DDA Enterprise provides significant improvements in the ability to access media defect signatures and yield charts.

Incorporating a Press Release Into Your Marketing Plan Can Help Boost Your Visibility During Tough Times

2009-02-03 | Press Release Distribution Service Advises the Advantage of a Press Release

Acroscape Reveals Three Computer Designs

2009-01-18 | Acroscape reveals three computer designs: a pocketbook, a buzbook and a panelbook. The designs will help chip manufacturers, hardware companies and software companies to develop computers and services for the digital age of communication, news, publication and entertainment.

SiGlaz Announces Spatial Signature Analysis for HDD Industry

2008-12-20 | Advanced test data analyzer provides significant improvements in real-time media defect signature recognition.

Nagarajan Sridhar, Ph.D, Honored by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence and Leadership in Yield Improvement and Project Management

2008-10-16 | Dr. Sridhar is currently responsible for the development and on-time delivery of new products from concept to release-to-market.


2008-08-17 | Neo-Neon Holdings Ltd. (HKEX.1868) announced today that its color-changing LED products are installed at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Inotera Accepts SiGlaz Intelligent Defect Analysis Software

2008-05-11 | Taiwanese memory manufacturer uses SiGlaz SSA software to improve its process optimization procedure, leading to faster yield ramp.

As a leader in MPEG compression & broadband video networking technologies, Vweb announced the availability of engineering sampling of VW5010, its latest QUAD-D1 MPEG-1,2, &4 A/V Codec chip for the "Secured Digital World".

2008-03-31 | The end to end applications for VW5010 include IPCAM Servers & 4/8/16/32/64/128-channel Digital Video Recorders (DVR) Systems, Home and Community Video Security Servers & Entertainment IP Set Top Box Receivers Systems and Video Capture Encoder Cards & Video Receiver Decoder Cards.

Winbond Accepts SiGlaz Intelligent Defect Analysis Software

2008-03-28 | IDA Enterprise Edition includes additional modules for large scale database management and real-time process monitoring


2008-01-15 | FreeBeam series temperature stabilized diode laser module features Violet 375 nm, Violet 405 nm, Blue 445 nm, Blue 473 nm, Green 532 nm, Red 639 nm and Raman 780 nm availabl now.

Vweb showcases its "Secured Digital Home" Extravaganza at CES 2008

2008-01-07 | As a leader in MPEG compression and broadband video networking technologies, Vweb will be demonstrating its single chip Quad Channel MPEG-1, 2, 4, H.263 and H.264 A/V CODEC solutions for the "Secured Digital Home". The applications include IP Camera, DVR, Mobile video and IP-STB.

SiGlaz IDA Software Release 8.4 improves accuracy and ease-of-use Advanced Signature Analyzer feature provides significant improvements in object recognition

2007-03-02 | SiGlaz, a leading provider of spatial signature analysis software to the semiconductor industry, announced the release of version 8.4 of its Intelligent Defect Analysis (IDA) software.

Advantech AMT to Acquire EMS Satellite Networks

2005-12-24 | Advantech AMT announces that it has agreed to purchase EMS Satellite Networks, the DVB-RCS division of EMS Technologies Inc.

New 635nm and 650nm Compact Laser Diode Modules

2005-11-06 | Photonic Products is delighted to launch its economical new range of compact, 8mm diameter, laser diode modules for customers requiring a small laser module to be integrated into systems and handheld instrumentation where space is at a premium.