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Women of Distinction Magazine Selects Deborah S. Wallace as a Distinguished Professional in Her Field

2016-05-05 | Deborah S. Wallace will be featured in Women of Distinction Magazine in 2016.

Like With People, Every Animal Has Its Own Story

2016-05-04 | SnootBoop, an online community based around animals, is launching their website where you can share pictures of your pet, submit a story and interact with other members. The topic is Animals.

Barrio Dogs Announces 2nd Perro de Mayo Fundraiser

2016-04-22 | Event organizers seek to raise money to fund the FixIt! free spay/neuter program for low income residents, as well as other valuable programs designed to increase awareness of proper animal care in Houston's East End.

Love & Cuddles Respite Care for Dogs & Cats Awarded First Steps Grant. The Love & Cuddles Respite Care Provides a Place for Pets to Stay While Their People Get Well

2016-04-15 | Love & Cuddles Respite Care for dogs and cats, a program offered by Catnip Casa Cat Refuge, saves tax dollars and pets' lives. Catnip Casa Cat Refuge proudly announces receipt of a $2,500 first steps grant from The Binky Foundation in New York.

Jamie Verrillo Releases his New Book "Are You as Aware as Your Animals? Learn to Speak the Language of Your Pet"

2016-04-11 | This Best Seller Available now in Print and Kindle format on Amazon

Oral Allergy Drops Offer a Lasting Solution for Dogs' Hot Spots

2016-04-10 | Allergy in dogs can cause painful, inflamed skin ("hot spots.") Creams and steroids may help temporarily, but Pallergy oral allergy drops offer lasting relief.

Revolutionary Pet Feeding System Solves Common Feeding Problems

2016-03-21 | KAC Industries recently introduced The Pet Plate, a revolutionary pet feeding system that solves common feeding problems. The Pet Plate was created to help pets who don't like eating from a traditional bowl.

Fairhaven Memorial Expands Free Pet Grief Support Group into South Orange County

2016-03-11 | Popular service for grieving pet lovers now available countywide.

Expect the Best for your Pet: Professional Dog Training Services in Kelowna and Surrounding Areas

2016-03-10 | K9Kruzers are pleased to now be offering professional dog training services to dog owners in the Kelowna, BC area.

Volunteer Researchers Needed to Help Nonprofit Complete Public Wiki of Dog Breeding Laws

2016-02-16 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform VP of Research Rita Rice Reports 39 States Completed

New Book "Pets and the Afterlife 2" Released to Comfort Grieving Pet Parents

2016-02-16 | Pets and the Afterlife 2 is a Follow-up to Amazon Best-Seller

Hastings & Hastings Considers Dog Bites and Liability

2016-01-22 | Hastings & Hastings, Arizona Premier Discount Accident Lawyers, represents accident victims across a wide range of accident cases, from vehicle collisions to dog bites.

FBI to Gather Better Data on Animal Cruelty and Neglect Starting in January 2016

2016-01-07 | New Category to Be Created in FBI's Crime Reporting System

Pasadena Humane Society Closes $20M Capital Campaign

2015-11-25 | The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA announces the completion of a $20 million capital campaign. The Campaign to Save Lives funded the animal shelter's Animal Care Center.

Quickly Track, Locate and Recover Pets and Loved Ones with the Newest Wearable GPS Pet and People Tracker from GearUp Industries LLC Featuring SOS Two-Way Talk and Tracking on Smartphones or Web

2015-11-23 | GearUp's 2in1 GPS tracker with SOS two-way voice communication enters the wearable GPS tracking market with innovation and dual functionality allowing pets and loved ones to be located and connected 24/7 on Smartphones or web base platform.

The Dog Walker Shop Introduces the New "EZ Dog Walker's Vest" for Dog Walkers to Carry Everything, Hands-Free!

2015-11-05 | On Tuesday, November 3, 2015, the Dog Walker Shop kicked off a brand new product called the "EZ Dog Walker's Vest" designed to transform the dog walking experience, making it more enjoyable for dog walkers, dog trainers and dog owners.

Hastings and Hastings Stands in Support of New Pet Store Regulation

2015-10-30 | Hastings & Hastings loves adorable puppies and kitties. What could be better than unconditional love and snuggles? Unfortunately, overpopulation of cats and dogs has become an epidemic.

Should We Ban Dog Breeding until Every Dog Shelter Empties?

2015-10-22 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Founder Ron Sturgeon Looks at Dog Breeding Bans

Pasadena Animal Shelter Receives Record-Setting Donation

2015-10-21 | Millions of dollars gifted by late animal lover