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Start The New Year Right With An Unlocked Phone From Cellhut

2009-01-07 | One of the internet's leading sellers of unlocked phones is having a special New Year's sale.

Knowledgeshift Releases Two New, Interactive Mobile Phone Applications

2009-01-04 | KnowledgeShift, a corporate learning technology firm, has created two, new interactive mobile applications utilizing Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technology from Ifbyphone.

Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC is Named Worldwide Distributor for FlightMaster Aviation GPS Software

2008-12-25 | Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC is very pleased to be named the exclusive Worldwide distributor for FlightMaster Aviation GPS Software that works on PalmOS based devices such as Palm TX, Treo phones, and Palm Centro phones.

Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) PalmScans - - High Definition Biometry Together with Amazing Portability

2008-12-24 | Get the latest technology of Vision Care at Micro Medical Devices, Inc. (MMD) It is the next breakthrough in Ophthalmic Ultrasound with the ease of mobility. HD performance anywhere you go

SBE Multi-Media Redefines Business On-the-Go

2008-12-22 | SBE Media's e-Commerce Platform Easily Integrates with Smart Phone Technology, such as the iPhone, without the need for additional applications

Lava Lamp in an iPhone

2008-12-19 | A small New York City technology company has created an application that turns an iPhone into a realistic, interactive lava lamp.

MegaNudge Entertainment Launches Arcade Game Snowball Runner On The Apple App Store

2008-12-15 | Snowball Runner is an addicting, visually stimulating tilting game for the iPhone/iTouch, capable of rendering up to 100 animated characters simultaneously in real-time.

Retailers Connect with Mobile Customers Using Unbound Commerce's New Mobile Presence Platform -- Retailers Add Mobile Commerce to Build Pervasive Customer Relationships

2008-12-12 | Unbound Commerce made available today its Mobile PresenceTM platform for retailers, giving them the power to connect with their increasingly mobile customers. At the same time, Unbound announced its first two customers: the New England Patriots ProShop and Moosejaw Mountaineering.

Cautious Retailers Rejecting Half of 'Free Laptop' Sales After Credit Checks

2008-12-11 | Mobile broadband has seen exponential growth in 2008, yet in the face of the credit crunch mobile providers and retailers are turning away 50% of their business due to very stringent credit checks.

iPhone Transforms into a Whiteboard with ZeptoPad 2.0 - Visit ZeptoPad 2.0 at MacWorld Expo 2009

2008-12-10 | ZeptoPad 2.0 is the most convenient mobile note taking and mind mapping software, now a portable whiteboard. ZeptoPad 2.0, with the new built in web server, accesses a Mac/PC web browser then projects onto a screen for real time presentation.

Metaphor Launches Voice Recognition Applications for the iPhone

2008-12-09 | SayNDrive and SayNDial Enable Dialing and Getting Directions by Voice for iPhone users. Adding voice recognition to these mobile applications, considerably speeds up the input of names and addresses to mobile phones compared to typing.

Tracesmart Now Provide Mobile Number Search

2008-11-30 | Company's clients can now access 3 million mobile phone

LG KC910 Renoir Launches on O2 UK - 8 Megapixel LG Renoir Phone

2008-11-28 | LG Electronics have released their first ever 8 megapixel camera phone onto the UK mobile phones market, we review this latest technology and explore the phones features, design and competition.

Zeptoliner, an Outliner Software for iPhone

2008-11-14 | Ubiquitous Entertainment Inc. today announced the latest iPhone/iPod touch application "Zeptoliner", an outliner software. Zeptoliner will show at Macworld 2009 in San Francisco. Eliminates Customer Setup Fees for Its Hosted Exchange Service

2008-11-14 | Small and mid-size businesses can decrease expenses, increase productivity and remain profitable despite the current economic crisis with hosted messaging and collaboration solutions

Sony C905 Cybershot Phone Joins O2 UK - Sony Ericsson C905

2008-11-08 | A new 8.0 megapixel camera phone from the Sony Ericsson Cybershot range has now been launched on O2 in the UK, we review the new Sony C905 and explore its technology, design and features.

ECOcal Brings the Natural World to the iPhone

2008-11-07 | From the makers of the ECOlogical Calendar. Access the natural world every time you turn on your iPhone with ECOcal, one of the most feature rich mobile applications ever, designed for the environmentalist in all of us.

Mobigarda Inc. Announces Mobile Phone Video Surveillance

2008-11-06 | Real-time video monitoring on mobile phone. View live images from security cameras on cell phone using any kind of internet connection from any location in the world.

Conceptinet Offers Web Site Builder for .MOBI

2008-10-25 | Helping .MOBI Owners Build Mobile Web Sites

MyMate iPhone App Helps You Become a Better Mate

2008-10-23 | MyMate is a new iPhone App designed for men to keep track of their woman's information.