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The Third Annual Synchronized Global Orgasm for Peace, December 21 2008

2008-12-12 | The theory is that if enough people can climax at the same time while projecting a conscious intention for peace and harmony on the planet, a surge of physical and spiritual positivity will infuse the Earth's energy field.

Dr. Michael Koczarski Achieves Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics Fellowship

2008-12-07 | Granted to dentists who provide the highest quality of dental care, this A.C.E. Fellowship symbolizes excellence in the dental profession and a commitment to providing exceptional patient care.

Futurist Friedman To Release His Foresights - Is It Possible To Actually See The Future?

2008-12-05 | With a 67% accuracy for over a decade of stating his predictions on ABC-TV's THE VIEW, local news outlets, radio shows and other media, Sidney Friedman is a timely New Year's resource for discussing 2009 in these uncertain times.

The Legendary Self Help Author, Dr. Joseph Murphy Will Show You How to Create Wealth in Your Life

2008-12-03 | A new Self help program based on the teachings of Dr. Joseph Murphy, author of the best selling book, "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind", which sold over 1 million copies, has just been released.

Diane Musho Hamilton and Marc Gafni - Integral Journey of Love

2008-11-17 | This weekend is an exploration of this Integral Path of Love. Led by Integral teachers Dr. Marc Gafni and Diane Musho Hamilton, we will enter the heart of love looking straight into the invitation and challenge love presents to us.

"The Tide is [Not So] High" - "Blondie" Keyboardist Sings New Tune as Drug Counselor at NYC's Carnegie Hill Institute

2008-11-14 | Blondie keyboardist now works as drug counselor at NYC Carnegie Hill Institute

OXY Launches Young Male Skincare Range - a UK First

2008-11-12 | OXY has launched a totally new advanced skincare range that is designed just for teenage boys

The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC Aids Drunk Driving Victims by Sponsoring Jinglebell 5K Run Benefiting MADD

2008-11-08 | The Stewart Law Firm, PLLC will sponsor the 2008 Jinglebell 5K Run in Austin, TX benefiting MADD

Looking For A Can't Miss Executive Holiday Gift? Give Green Weenies

2008-11-07 | "Green Weenies and Due Diligence", a Humorous Guide to Terms in Vogue in America's Boardrooms, Makes an Original and Fun Executive Gift

Unique Children's Detective Series is Making a Stir. It is Interactive and Fun for Children of All Ages and Reading Abilities. A Great Way to Get Children Involved in Reading.

2008-11-07 | The Crypto-Capers series is unique, new and interactive. The series can be used in many different ways and levels. Great for the classroom or at home. Readers will have fun with this series, why at the same time, learning about various topics. But most of all, the reader is involved with the story.

Atlanta-based Women's Group Announces Partnership with Women For Hire

2008-11-06 | The Joy of Connecting Connects with Nationally Recognized Women For Hire to assist Women Professionals

New Hope For Children With Bedwetting Problems. Dr Alexander Golbin Has Created a Remarkable New Device That Is Over 80% Effective Without Noisy Alarms. This is a Major New Step For Sleep Expert Dr Golbin Best Known For His Books on Children's Sleep and Sleep Psychiatry

2008-11-04 | Dr Alexander Golbin Announces a Revolutionary Break-thru in Control of Bedwetting the Sleepdoc Device. Parents in the Chicago, Illinois Area Can Visit Dr Golbin With Their Children. Children From Across The Country Who Can Get Their Device Directly From the Manufacturer

How Stress Leads To Violence

2008-10-29 | Would you like to save your loved ones from danger? Would you like to prevent violence in your schools, your neighborhood, your community? Would you like another tool to help predict and prevent violence? Now you can.

Eco-Cheap is In - A Green Frugality is Sweeping the Country

2008-10-29 | The era of mindless prosperity is over and a time of thrift is upon us. Times are tough and people need to budget but where do they start? Eco-chic is out and eco-cheap is in. Living a green lifestyle could be the answer to saving money and the planet.

Bethina Eaton Recognized by Cambridge Who's Who for Excellence in Primary Education

2008-10-22 | Ms. Eaton is considered to be an expert in teaching special education.

Sandra F. Ingerman Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-22 | Ms. Ingerman spiritual nature and experiences as a teacher inspired her to become involved in writing and lecturing.

Finding Balance is the Key to Healthy Living During These Tough Economic Times

2008-10-21 | The 'Finding Balance Boot Camp' is a unique challenge that offers information, motivation, support and feedback to better manage stress and find balance. The website encourages members to use SMART Goals to improve their nutrition, physical well-being and ability to relax.

Adrienne Hermes Inducted into Cambridge Who's Who Executive, Professional and Entrepreneurial Registry

2008-10-19 | Ms. Hermes specializes in counseling juvenile sex offenders and drug-addicted patients. She considers building relationship with clients and motivating them to be the most rewarding aspects of her career.

Attorney Wants to Help Consumers Who Have Credit Repair Problems: Offers Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest; Winner Receives Free Legal Help

2008-10-17 | The Back on Track Credit Repair Essay Contest -- a nationwide contest where entrants will submit their stories telling why they need the help - will award one winner FREE Legal services to help repair credit problems (value: $1,000).

Your Prescription to "Life After Debt" -- Have you seen your Debtologist for a DebtMakeover?

2008-10-15 | has created an incredible program to assist consumers in today's financial crisis for reducing and eliminating all debt.