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AgilQuest CEO to Discuss Utilization Technology in Facilities Management Webinar

2011-10-20 | Space utilization thought leader John Vivadelli to share measurement insight with HR, IT and Real Estate leaders in Realcomm panel discussion.

Best Solution for Current High Unemployment and Higher Future Unemployment is Significant Dollar Devaluation Through Massive Monetary Easing. Job Czar Immelt Describes Weaker Dollar As Job Creator!

2011-10-11 | High unemployment is a symptom of a more significant problem, the attrition of the U.S. manufacturing sector. Jeffery Immelt, President Obama's new job Czar suggested on 60 Minutes the long-term solution to high unemployment, a weaker dollar.

Currency Alert! Canada's New $100 Bill - Enhanced Security Leads To Major Problems

2011-10-04 | Be the first to get a head start on solving imminent cash processing problems.

Significant Monetary Easing and Devaluation of the Dollar is the Solution to the Most Serious Problem Facing the United States Economy; Loss of Manufacturing Must Be Addressed for Long-Term Recovery

2011-10-04 | The current high unemployment rates and foundering U.S. economy is merely a symptom of the underlying problem. Loss of manufacturing capacity will cause permanent disastrous long-term unemployment. Dollar Devaluation is the best solution.

Government Deadlines and Provider Needs Renew Market Energy for Homecare Technology

2011-09-27 | New KLAS report examines how ready providers feel their homecare vendors and products are to meet new industry expectations and CMS requirements. - Silver Guru, David Morgan Has Done It Again!

2011-09-25 | Silver guru, David Morgan delivers another recorded conference call with the biggest names in precious metals.

Providers Look to Fill Technology Gaps in Their Quest for Accountable Care

2011-09-21 | Healthcare providers express varying levels of confidence in vendors' solutions based on offering gaps and integration ability.

Report Shows Impact of CAB Spending Cuts on Thousands of People Needing Debt Advice

2011-09-09 | Trust Deed Scotland can report that between the period of 1 April - 31 July 2011, CAB (England and Wales) stated they were able to help 529,315 people compared to 569,862 the same period last year.

The Law Office of Allen Buckley, LLC Says: Federal Agencies Essentially Legislating...and Charging Fees to Cover Their Costs

2011-09-02 | Many federal agencies are, in effect, creating law. Often, their actions are unlawful. Fees are being charged. Usually, but not always, potentially costly litigation is needed to stop the unlawful action. This article summarizes the realities.

Overvalued Dollar is the Cause of High Unemployment in the US. A One-Time Devaluation of the Dollar Could Correct Trade Deficits, Balance the Budget and Practically Eliminate Unemployment

2011-08-29 | The US dollar is the world's strongest currency and it is the most valued currency in the world. The economic growth of China and other Eastern economies is a direct result of artificially low currency conversion rates.

The Carlsbad Department of Development Attends NCSL to Promote WIPP and Nuclear Industry

2011-08-27 | CDOD attends National Conference of State Legislators to promote WIPP and nuclear opportunities in Carlsbad and Eddy County, New Mexico.

Running from a Collection Agency After Not Paying Taxes? Instead, Run Right to the Offices of Blue Tax!

2011-07-25 | Blue Tax attorneys score a slam dunk in the Peach State!

Catalyst X Media -'s David Morgan Reflects on Zimbabwe's Hyperinflation

2011-07-20 | A new YouTube video released by David Morgan, whom is one of the most knowledgeable men in precious metals. His video touches on the light of a topic that has been highly discussed repeatedly over the past number of months which is hyperinflation.

Bat Blue Brings Cloud Services to Government Agencies

2011-07-13 | Bat Blue is now an authorized GSA supplier of next-generation technologies and services to government agencies, via Federal Supply Schedule contract number GS-35F-0485X. Reports on Krokodil - a New Street Drug in Russia That Eats User's Flesh

2011-07-12 | A new designer drug called krokodil (crocodile) that is taking Russia by storm. The opiate-based drug literally eats the flesh of the addicts that abuse it.

Total Number of Live HIEs Exchanging Data More Than Doubles in Past Year

2011-07-07 | Physician adoption cited most often by providers as a primary indicator of having a successful HIE.

Integration Considered More Significant to Healthcare Providers Than Usability or Stimulus Dollars When Selecting a CIS Solution

2011-07-05 | Forward-thinking hospitals recognize the importance of standardizing their CIS solution across all facilities to improve the quality of patient care.

AgilQuest CEO to Share Workplace Technology Vision on GSA Panel

2011-06-07 | Government and industry leaders discuss lessons learned from workplace living labs.

IT Outsourcing Market Shifts as Healthcare Providers Strive to Meet Meaningful Use Criteria

2011-05-18 | Top performers in both partial and extensive IT outsourcing pull far ahead of the pack, while top-tier firms lose ground.

Parcel2Go Welcomes Government Support for Exporters

2011-05-14 | Online parcel delivery specialist Parcel2Go has given its backing to a new government plan announced this week to help businesses break into new international markets.