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Dogly App Helps Local Photographer's Dog Win Grant, Donates to Humane Society of Utah

2015-08-09 | A photo-sharing app for dog lovers provides $500 grant given in creator's name to their chosen shelter.

MEMA Pets Announces their First Dog Days of Summer Sale

2015-08-08 | ALU Collars are now up to 25% off through August 31, 2015

William B. Meyer, Inc. Employees Donate Pet Items to Connecticut Humane Society

2015-08-06 | Stratford Connecticut based moving and storage solutions company, William B. Meyer, Inc. celebrates 100 years in business by giving back to communities it serves.

National Dog Breeding Reform Group Names Rita Rice Director of Research

2015-07-30 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Thanks Beth Palmer for Outstanding Service

PetCura Animal Hospital Opens in Livermore, CA

2015-07-29 | Livermore pet owners can now access state-of-the-art veterinary facility.

Airline for Pets Announces Austin Expansion

2015-07-27 | Houston-based People and Pets Dog Airlines launching ground transportation in the Austin market, plans on increasing flights to Austin area airports

Craftsman Direct Handyman of Durham Sponsors Independent Animal Rescue's Painted Chair and More Auction August 22, 2015

2015-07-15 | Local handyman company specializing in home remodeling sponsors local animal rescue charity

Hampton Inn & Suites Scottsboro Alabama Offers Comfortable Lodging for Honey Pot Barrel Racing Series

2015-07-14 | Hampton Inn & Suites Scottsboro, AL offers comfortable lodging to guests attending the Honey Pot Barrel Racing Series at Northeast Alabama Agri-Business Center on July 18-19, 2015.

Attend NE Alabama Cutting Horse Show and Stay at Hampton Inn & Suites Scottsboro

2015-07-10 | Hampton Inn & Suites Scottsboro, AL offers affordable lodging to guests attending the NE Alabama Cutting Horse Show at Northeast Alabama Agri-Business Center on July 11-12, 2015.

National Dog Breeding Group Chartered as Texas Nonprofit Corporation

2015-07-05 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Committed to Improving Dog Breeding for the Dogs

Dog Trainer Seeks To Simplify Dog & Puppy Housetraining With New Product

2015-06-28 | The premise is simple. The Gotta Potty mat is a pressure-activated mat that you place in front of the door discretely under your existing rug in other areas that the dog might be having "accidents".

Summer Pet Safety Tips From The Humane Society of Utah

2015-06-25 | Hot weather causes concern for pet owners.

Dog Breeding Reformers to Create Public Wiki of Current Laws

2015-06-18 | National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform Volunteers to Fact-Check Submissions

Tarrant County Prosecutor Riley Shaw Set to Announce Civil Suit against Ten-Year-Old Boy Accused of Beating Neighbor's Dog to Death

2015-06-17 | Dog's Owner Asking Supporters to Call Prosecutor to Demand Continued Evaluations of Child and Family, and if Possible, Juvenile Detention

Naturally Kill Bed Bugs & Fleas on Summer Vacation with BioPesticide LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer

2015-06-16 | 100% non-toxic, certified for effectiveness, LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer protects your pets and family from bed bugs, fleas, and cockroaches by killing on contact and continuing to kill for up to 30 days.

Fairhaven Memorial Launches Free Pet Grief Support Group

2015-06-12 | Local memorial park extends current grief counseling services to meet needs of pet lovers

UK Dog Breeder Site Asks Tough Questions of NADBR

2015-06-11 | Q&A with National Alliance for Dog Breeding Reform on

New Company Helps Pets And Their Families Live In Harmony Through Style, Design and Fun

2015-06-11 | Bella & Zeus, LLC provides lovingly curated products and resources for families with pets to achieve a happy, healthy lifestyle without sacrificing style and design.

Celebrity Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell Introduces the UK's First National Dog Bite Prevention Week, June 7th-14th

2015-06-09 | Dog bite prevention charity Doggone Safe joins Victoria Stilwell and a coalition of partners to educate and raise awareness about safety around dogs