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U.S. Federal IT Market to Surpass $93 billion by 2018

2010-04-22 | With a cumulative market valued at $518 billion (2013 - 2018), the U.S. Federal IT market will grow steadily - at about 3% CAGR over the period 2013 - 2018.

GovLoop Partners with CampusGov to Offer New Scholarship Program

2010-04-16 | Today, GovLoop ( and CampusGov ( have announced that they have established a new partnership to offer scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students focused on a career in local, state and federal government.

Corporate Cartoon Character, "Jurdy" Is The New Undercover "Underboss " To Get Companies In Touch With Employees

2010-03-29 | March 2010/Cartoonist Jenifer Jurden and her character Jurdy launch Jurdy as the "cartoon underboss" for organizations to help keep management in touch with employees and their ideas for efficiencies and improvements.

Medicare Can Save Billions of Dollars By Reducing Falls And Related Hospitalizations.

2010-03-27 | Falls are a major cause of hospitalizations accounting for 40% of hospital admissions for seniors covered by medicare. More than 1/3 of seniors 65 and older fall annually. Neuromuscular orthotics help reduce the numbers of patients falls.

KLAS Looks at Consulting Options for Speeding Hospital CPOE Adoption

2010-03-23 | New report evaluates the performance of more than a dozen professional services firms offering meaningful use-related consulting services

Cyber Security Market Update: U.S. Government Pours Money Into Cyber Security Technologies and R&D

2010-03-16 | With a cumulative market valued at $65.5 billion (2013 - 2018), the U.S. Federal Cybersecurity market will grow steadily - at about 6.2% CAGR in 2013-2018.

Deep Packet Inspection Market Boosted by Einstein Cyber Security Initiative

2010-03-05 | The U.S. Government Deep Packet Inspection market has been bolstered in the recent years by deployment of Einstein, an intrusion detection system that monitors the government networks. Reports Unclaimed Money in California Still Rising in 2010

2010-02-10 | Unclaimed money sounds like a scam, however, it is a very real thing! California unclaimed money totals almost $6 billion and it is owed to millions of Americans. reports on the state of CA unclaimed money & how to claim it!

Integrated Solutions Management, Inc (ISM) Executives Participate In Nicaragua Service Program

2010-01-31 | Marty Burke and Bill Banks travel to Nicaragua with Bridges to Community to build earthquake-stable houses.

Ireland's National Debt Doubles While Irish Families Increase Savings

2010-01-27 | With a large portion of Ireland's taxes going to the interest on a EUR150 billion debt, Irish families are stretching their income and saving more with affordable financial solutions.

UK Credit Cards, Mortgages & Loans Now Exceed the Value of the UK Economy

2010-01-25 | Household debt in the UK has now exceeded Britain's GDP, leaving families struggling with a high debt load and seeking affordable financial solutions.

The Next Level of Technology in Mobile Surveillance Has Been Developed by Dallas-based, TerraHawk, LLC

2010-01-22 | TerraHawk's patent pending M.U.S.T. technology is the first ever rapid response mobile surveillance platform that allows users to deploy at changing security and surveillance situations within two minutes.

FDA's New Attitude About Drug Safety Questioned

2010-01-12 | The recent release of numbers on the FDA's performance over the past year does little to support the FDA's announced new attitude about drug safety. The FDA is in need of major changes in the premarket testing and postmarket monitoring of drugs.

Meaningful Use Confidence is High but Plenty of Gaps Still Exist

2010-01-06 | New KLAS report looks at how ambulatory EMRs stack up against expected meaningful use requirements

The Telecom Expense Management Industry Association (TEMIA) is Offering a Webcast on Best Practices for Enterprises & Suppliers

2009-12-03 | Register for a free webcast on Telecom Expense Management at . Learn about TEM best practices. TEMIA is also providing a sneak peak of its upcoming Key Performance Metrics.

Big Red Calculator - the Official Calculator of the National Debt. National Debt Hits $12 Trillion, and Most Calculators Don't Have Enough Zeros.

2009-11-20 | Today the current national debt jumped above the $12 trillion level with no end in sight. With the prospect of $9 trillion budget deficits over the next ten years and health care reform on the horizon, you are going to need a bigger calculator to keep up with all that red ink.

Auditing The FED: Could It Become A Reality?

2009-11-06 | CEO of Nabers Group (, Jeff Nabers recently caught up with financial researcher and writer Thomas Woods, the author of Meltdown, and discussed in an interview his thoughts about auditing the Federal Reserve.

Taylor Morrison Gets Behind "Fix Housing" Tax Credit For All Home Buyers

2009-10-29 | If the 8,000 dollar tax credit is extended to all buyers will more jobs and retail sales follow? Taylor Morrison's Houston division says "yes" to both.

Window Replacement Amarillo Tx - The Government Is Giving Homeowners In Amarillo Tx $1500 To Make Their Homes More Energy Efficient. CLP Is Giving Homeowners A Lifetime Warranty On All Their Windows

2009-10-26 | Your Energy Bill Is Through The Roof, Your Windows Look As Ugly As Sin, And You Are Ready For A New Look For Your Home. The Best Time to Replace Those Windows Is Now. Take Advantage Of The $1500 Given To You To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient