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KidsWatch Parental Control Software Now Available at Target Stores

2007-03-21 | The Award-Winning Software Puts Computer Control Back Into Parents' Hands and Helps Protect Their Kids From Online Dangers

MasterGuard Teams Up With Water-Jel Technologies to Bring Burn Care to The Home

2007-03-08 | MasterGuard and Water-Jel team up to distribute thousands of burn kits to homeowners.

Welcome To Middle Age - And Presbyopia

2007-03-02 | You're holding menus at arm's length and squinting. You've had difficulty reading items on your computer. Numbers on your cellphone's tiny screen are indistinguishable. The buttons on your iPod, DVD player and remote seem frustratingly small. Sound familiar? Welcome to middle age.

How to go from romantically challenged to star romantic this Valentine's Day

2007-02-14 | Forget Chocolate---you'll ruin any remains of that New Year's Resolution. Don't send flowers ---Again! For those who want to demonstrate truly creative gift giving this firm knows exactly what to do to help you take the pressure off of Valentine's Day and give just the right gift.

Family Digest - Black America's No. 1 Family & Relationship Magazine - is offering 3 Months of FREE Advertising to Classified Advertisers

2007-02-01 | Family Digest is providing classified advertisers with 3 months of FREE advertising to celebrate Family Digest's move to a 100% online magazine, from print. To get a media kit, and to lock in your advertising email Include name, company and contact information.

WHAT ARE EDITORS OF BABY GIFT PUBLICATIONS GOING GAA-GAA OVER? THE SECRET LIES IN ONE BABY BLANKET COMPANY'S SUPER-PERSONALIZED BABY BLANKETS. This company from Dallas is seeing a long awaited dream come true. Not only are they making new moms smile around the country, but now the press too.

2007-01-24 | Fill In The Blankie offers customers up to 200 characters embroidered along the satin edges of woven cotton blankets. Most other high-end retailers allow no more than 20 characters. It's more than just a monogram; this allows customers to weave their warmest wishes into a high-quality blankie.


2007-01-08 | One company has made it their personal mission to make personalized baby blankets far more personalized. Says Potty Training Rewards Rocks!

2007-01-05 | Potty Training Rewards gains seal of approval from, a Popular Teaching Resource for 500,000 Teachers A Month, Relaunches Website Providing Additional Content & Improved Designed

2006-12-23 |, the Internet site used by 500,000 preK-12 teachers every month, is relaunching with simplified navigation, an improved internal search engine, and new content in such popular features as educational graphic organizers, printables, lesson plans, and "Great Stuff for Teachers".

Finally, Baby Skin Care Products Safe for Baby!

2006-12-23 | With Nature's Baby Products' all natural shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, etc., you can use specially formulated products gentle on baby's skin with no dangerous and harsh chemicals.

MYSPACE: New Dimensions at Myspace Aid Families and Parents

2006-12-15 | There is a lot of family controversy over MySpace right now. Sexual predators, suicide notes, intentions being blogged or bragged what's a responsible parent to do?.

Santa Claus Sends Children Christmas Greetings for Free

2006-11-28 | Now children can receive a free colorful email greeting from Santa Clause himself! The, a leading resource that helps parents with their children's behaviors, is excited to announce the launch of its new, FREE, "An Email from Santa Claus" Service.

The Potty Pro Features Potty Training Rewards at American Baby Faire

2006-11-16 | Potty Training Rewards will be a featured product by Teri Crane, The Potty Pro, at American Baby Faire presented by Babies "R" Us this weekend (Nov 18-19. Relaunches Online Reading Tool for Preschool Children Determines Reading Ability, Problems, Offers Improvement Guidance

2006-11-06 |, partnering with the National Center for Learning Disabilities, is offering a new version of "Get Ready to Read!," a research-based screening tool for testing a four-year-old child's reading ability prior to entering kindergarten.

Looking To Promote Your Website This Holiday? You May Want To Consider A High Traffic News Sites As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy This Holiday.

2006-10-24 | The last quarter of the year is the most important time of year for marketers, but hot prime limited locations won’t last long!

Potty Training Rewards Buy One Get One FREE Event

2006-10-23 | Potty Training Rewards Now on Sale 2 For 1

Making Life Simple... Again! Professional Organizer Helps The Overwhelmed, Disorganized And Scattered

2006-10-20 | Individuals who are stressed and overwhelmed now have some help in the form of a six month e-course by Patty Kreamer.

Smart Neurons' Educational and Fun CD for preschoolers wins "CD of the Year Award" from Creative Child Magazine

2006-10-12 | - New product blends fun and playfulness with its powerful digital learning software to help 3-6 year old pre-school kids build creative intelligence and develop a host of indispensable skills.