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TCM Directory Launches 3 Free Newsletters

2009-10-30 | has been offering acupuncture related information for those who want to learn more about this ancient medical system.

How Gum Disease Can Destroy Your Health : The Cancer Connection

2009-10-28 | Recent research has shown a connection between cancer and gum disease. While this data is statistical the discovery is alarming. Most people avoid visits to the dentist but with this new link dental visits become very important to an overall plan for good health.

Chiropractor Springfield VA, Dr. Todd P. Sullivan, Presents A Seminar On How To Relieve Chronic Back Pain

2009-10-20 | Springfield Chiropractor Discusses How To Relieve Your Chronic Back Pain

Milwaukee Dentist, Dental Arts Associates, Is Now Offering New Online Patient Education Resources

2009-10-18 | Cosmetic dentistry, Dental Arts Associates of Milwaukee, has recently launched a new online patient education service in conjunction with their web development experts, Officite.

Alexandria Dentists, Hanna and Pham, Announce Launch of New Patient Friendly Website

2009-10-18 | Leading Alexandria dentists have launched a brand new website with the help of leading dental web design company, Officite.

Sinofresh Healthcare Products, Inc. Launches Radio Advertising Campaign to Promote Sales of Sinofresh Nasal Spray on the West Coast of Florida

2009-10-17 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., announced today that the Company has begun its Florida West Coast initial radio advertising campaign to support the relaunch of its SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray.

New Research Shows: Chiropractic Care for Children is Safe and Effective

2009-09-26 | Chiropractic care for children proves to be a great solution for children's wellness. Both parents and doctors indicated a high rate of improvement including better sleeping patterns, improvements in behavior and , improved immune system function.

SinoFresh Nasal Spray To Be Evaluated In Initial H1N1 Animal Pilot Study To Assess Ability To Kill Or Reduce Virus Levels

2009-09-21 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., has commissioned a study to evaluate the ability of SinoFresh Homeopathic Antiseptic Nasal Spray to significantly inhibit H1N1 Virus infection in live animal test subjects.

Battling Inflammation Through Food An Emerging Field

2009-08-24 | New science sheds light on the impact of anti-inflammatory diets and preventing chronic illness.

SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., Names Dr. Michael Stampar D.O. and Dr. Cathy Criss D.O. as Senior Medical Advisors to Management

2009-08-12 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc. today named Dr. Michael Stampar, D.O. and Dr. Cathy Criss, D.O. to their corporate team as Senior Medical Advisors.

Houston Dentist Stays On The Cutting Edge By Attending IACA Meeting In San Francisco

2009-08-12 | Dr Ronald Konig Is Not Your Typical Dentist! He Treats Patients With Snoring and Sleep Apnea, Uses The Incredible Power Of Neuromuscular Dentistry To Treat Chronic Headaches, Migraines And TMJ Disorders and Hold Fellowships From AGD and LVI.

Prominent Chefs and Authors Participate in Chicagoland's Premier Gluten Free Cooking Expo, Saturday and Sunday, August 15-16

2009-08-11 | Choosing gluten-free foods and learning to implement a gluten-free diet can be tricky for those on a gluten-free diet. To ease the process, the Gluten Free Cooking Expo will be jam-packed with experts, information, demos and samples.

Job Security is Hypnotic

2009-08-11 | More and more people are creating their own job security by starting their own businesses. Hypnosis Instructor, Celeste Hackett, explains why becoming a certified hypnotist may be one of the best career paths in these trying economic times.

Why Bacon and Eggs Are Still The Best Breakfast

2009-07-29 | Saturated fats, long considered the demon by the public relations machine of big pharma and industrial food producers, are rising to the fore as a benefit to health, weight loss, long life, and a more satisfying way to eat and live.

SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc. Introduces New 10 Unit Retail Counter Display Pack For SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray

2009-07-24 | SinoFresh Healthcare Products, Inc., announced today the introduction of a convenient 10 Unit retail counter display pack for its novel, patented SinoFresh Homeopathic Nasal Spray. The new 10 Unit pack is available for immediate distribution.

Headhunters Lice Removal Service Has Lice In Atlanta On The Run

2009-07-14 | Head lice beware, there is a new game in town. Now thanks to Headhunters Lice Removal Service, the first fully certified lice removal service in Georgia, it's the bugs turn to run.

State of Texas Approves Hypnosis School

2009-07-09 | Celeste Hackett, of Plano Texas recently received her license from the Texas Workforce Commission for the only state approved Hypnosis Training School in Dallas and is now offering NGH approved beginner to advanced training in one ten day course.

Massage Therapist a Top Part-Time Job, According to Bureau of Labor Statistics

2009-07-09 | Boulder College of Massage Therapy Now Offers Two Program Formats, 12 and 18 months, for completion of a 1000-Hour Certificate in Massage Therapy Program

iHomeopath Mini App for iPhone and iPod Touch Have Been Released for Sale

2009-07-08 | The iHomeopath Mini app as well as an update for teh iHomeopath app for the iPhone and iPod touch are now available.

Cancer Patients Use New Guided Imagery CD to Help Boost Healthy Immune Functioning

2009-06-22 | A self-help technique called guided imagery has been steadily gaining in popularity and mainstream distribution by hospitals, pharmas and insurance companies, as new research demonstrates its efficacy for producing heightened immune cell activity.